Thursday, November 26, 2015

Projects Full Steam Ahead!

We are going over the river and through the woods to my Son's house for Thanksgiving he is hosting for the very first time...yes he is growing up and I am happy to hand ALL the stress over to him...we used to consider someone grown at 19 or 20 now its 30 or 35! lol I am however expected to bring 2 sides and I am gonna toss in a third and one of my favorites  a bottle of Duplin Sweet Red Muscadine Wine grown and made in our sister Carolina State.  

We are still having sunny days followed by several of rain...I hate to complain when other states need water so much...I have wild ideas about how they want to build this pipeline from Canada to PA filled with crude oil...IM wondering why don't they build a pipeline from the soggy east to the dry west? Water is so much more important...I could catch enough off my roof alone to supply a family in CA! Imagine if we ALL caught up that water, it could flow thru a canal to Lake Meade!! I mean, doesn't that make more sense?  Did I tell y'all this already? The formula is this 1,000 sq ft roof with one inch of rain = 6,000 gallons of water!!  In the past 24 hrs we've has 2 inches of rain! An average 'water stingy' household uses about 3-4000 gallons per month.  12,000 gallons just soaked into the ground here...multiply that by all the homes in my county!! 

...for me a good way to spend rainy days is to sew! I'm back on my projects...easing into it slowly...My old boss had given me some loose woven fabric to make drapes with. I wanted something to filter the sometimes bright sun that floods in.  So I made 3 panels they all stack to the side so here is the first one up,


This window is in the corner so I butted the pole right to the wall and put a finial on the other end...This is the curtain hardware Mom and I stained last summer! 

And the other room I added drapes to...has 2 windows 

My sister gave me this huge rug I folded it and it rode on the bench seat in the van covered with the dogs blankets and they rode on top of it all the way from CO! Its a very pretty rug I had hoped it would work in the living room but it was too big in there so its now in the largest bedroom and I think the colors will be easy to work with!

And in the living room I got the pillows made! I didn't find any bullion fringe decided to go more minimalist look. 

I have  ordered a 30 x 40 wall art canvas of one of my horse paintings to go over the couch delivery date is approx Dec 10th. I can't wait to see it...I've been planning to order one for like eons...this wall needs something colorful! Of course I'll update as soon as it arrives and is on the wall. I ordered from Easy Canvas Prints and got 80% if you want one I'd jump on it now. 

maybe in time I can slipcover this couch to update the look? 

AND I got the wood for the bathroom floor!! That's the bathroom behind that sheet covered door in the background! I have not put the door back up there yet it would only be in the way SO I can drop the sheet to keep dust from getting all over the place while I work in there.

How long now have I have working on this house, seems like years!! Is sure was nice to have a break that didn't include a broken bone!

So the Project house is back on the front burner for the fall and winter...and maybe by spring it will be ready for occupancy!

Have a great day of Thanksgiving where ever you are, I have much to be thankful for and many plans for the future, hope you do too!!

Eleanor Roosevelt: You must do the thing you think you can not.


  1. Your house is looking GREAT! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day at your son's.

    1. Thank you Karen....I hope you have a great day as well!!

  2. Happy Thanksgiving Sondra,

    The project house is coming along so beautifully, are you sure you will be able to give it up to a renter? haha I wouldn't

    1. Im probably going to live in it myself Jo...My son has changed jobs so it wont work for him right now...I am considering it if my sister will come stay in house with mom for a while I need a break as caregiver...and want my own space.

  3. A beautiful house Sondra. Your hard work has paid off.

    1. Thank you has been hard but it is coming together!

  4. I've said it before and I'll say it again, you are amazing. I checked out the Easy Canvas Prints, what a cool idea. I'm assuming you meant one of your horse pictures and you haven't taken up painting in your spare time. I can't wait to see it.

    1. Yep I meant painting! LOL I do paint..BUT the pony I chose is one of my digital art pieces AND I can't wait to see it too...I have actually done this same pony in oils on an 18 x 20" canvas but its hanging in Mom's living room...she said "over my dead body" so Im having a canvas made!


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