Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Snow Day in DixxeLand!

Today was a snow day! I had to go out to the mailbox something I do almost every morning to send off my Ebay sales...I walk out in my PJ's cause chances are no one is gonna drive by...I had to put on my hooded coat today tho!  SO here's my walk back from the mailbox, the broken limbs are still in the driveway from the ice storm last week..
...our humble little abode with a trace of snow!

My daffodils  trying to bloom---

AND lots of birds huddling nearby the house looking for a meal...so I enjoyed snapping a few photos then stashing my camera under my coat till another one allowed a shot...

the yellow shafted northern flicker

the cute little chipping sparrow

the American Goldfinch

Pine Siskin...

Tufted Titmouse...

a really miserable looking northern cardinal

waiting for his mate to get a suet snack

the colorful underside of the Flicker

The Girlz curled up together inside..on one of the area rugs...

and Casey didn't want to get out of his bed  He huddled even closer in case I was about to insist he go outside, he can hold his water FOREVER!!

How do you spend a snow day??  We may get more on Thursday!

Eleanor Roosevelt: You must do the thing you think you can not.


  1. Well luckily we don't have snow days very often like maybe once every 2 yrs or so. But we sure can get the rains. Poor little birds look so cold, but I noticed even if they have little bird houses they don't use them. The pups look comfy and of course Casey knows where he wants to be. Kind of like Fred with the rain. Hope you get lucky and the snow goes somewhere else.

    1. IT stayed north of us we got a huge deluge of rain and its gloomy and cold...I pulled my back yesterday and today Im on a heating pad--omg Im so bored--I really don't know how to relax!

  2. The birds are great but the cuddled girls are the best. I wish my dogs liked each other enough to snuggle!

    1. Hi Jen, these girls are litter mates together since day one so there is no separating them, they cuddle on a daily basis! They will be 7 this yr.

  3. I barely remember snow days, but we always used to bake chocolate chip cookies! Your birds are lucky to have you there feeding them. Poor cold things. Hope it warms up soon ... It's actually been chilly here, but not that cold!

  4. I see the birdies are all fluffed up. They must be wondering about all the white stuff.

  5. You've had some crazy weather too! Your progress is fantastic. Way to go!! We are thinking of some kitchen tiling as well. Exciting. :) We thought about that little cardinal. Thanks for loving all life...we do too.


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