Sunday, October 19, 2014

Mile Post 1.0

...and still northward we go our intended Destination Shenandoah National Park and Skyline Drive! The Blue Ridge Parkway terminates and the S-NP begins..the only difference is an entry fee!! 

Meanwhile before we reach mile post 1.0, we stop at Humpback Rocks..we didnt do the hike to the rock just can't do it all ya know!  But I got a photo from long distance of some of the rocks up there...

But we (Casey and I) toured the Old  Farm Village across the road--

Then entered the park! the Ranger stamped my passport!! And I think Ill have to swing east to get my Blue Ridge Parkway stamp--- ALL week I kept forgetting to get it stamped!! I may encounter the Parkway again before I'm headed back to SC.  As I type this I'm near Bristol TN!  

taken from the Skyline Drive.  Thats 2 things off my bucket list! Photographing Mabry Mill in fall foliage and making it to Shenandoah Valley!



Eleanor Roosevelt: You must do the thing you think you can not.


  1. You did it all good for you. It was a hard to come by trip for you but you made it. Love the places you visited and the fall colors which we don't get down here. Casey is proving to be a great co- pilot

    1. It sure was I and it flet so good to only be concerned for my own self for a change!

  2. Gorgeous scenery. What a trip!! I haven't been through that way in years and years. Stay safe!!

  3. That looks like a goldfish in the well, what I guess is a leaf. I've driven skyline drive many times, but the furthest I got on the Blue Ridge Parkway was to that homestead.

    1. Next time you are over East in Fall you should do it, but not in your big rig..too many small curvy hairpins!


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