Friday, October 17, 2014

America Alive and Well part II

After leaving Mabry Mill behind, I continued on North on the parkway...the scenery never disappointed!

and we camped at Rocky Knob campground, its $16 with no hook ups, there is a comfort station but only cold water!! No showers.  BOY it was cold too...we had every blanket in the van on us!  I opted not to bring the Coleman stove..regretfully, won't make that mistake again! 

Next day we headed out pretty early! And I stopped in the small town of  Floyd, VA and had coffee and breakfast in the Blue Ridge Restaurant where all the locals eat! Its all boots and ponytails, and that's the lawyers coming from the courthouse across the street!.

This little town is 6 miles off the parkway, its an original town with no McDonald's, no Walmart, its a real American town where farmers and lawyers live in harmony...~Back on the Parkway after a hearty meal which included grits, (not milled at Mabry, I asked) I took a hike to walk off the jelly I had on the toast...
there's all kinds of points of interest to stop and check out...and hikes galore! This hike took me under the parkway!

I thought it was cool the way its constructed! Many overlooks to admire the Blue mountains in the distance...

the reds were awesome 

another awesome old very prevalent here in the southeast...

This looks like a 4 over 4, which is a house with 4 rooms upstairs and 4 down! 

and this is a fine example of why its called the Blue Ridge Mountains..

Stopped to see these 2 old fellows...

Many of the overpasses are made of these awesome arched stone bridges...most were constructed by the CCC back in the days...

and American Chestnuts!! 

since I have done quite a bit of backpacking on the Appalachian Trial I was happy to set foot on it again this time with my new pal Casey...

we had lunch here where the trail runs alongside the parkway, it meanders back and forth around the parkway for quite a lot of miles..this sign is the marker for the trail...

we had a fresh tomato, some humus with whole wheat crackers, pineapple juice and this lovely seat to enjoy it on...

Its hard to turn away from the scenery and keep driving...


Eleanor Roosevelt: You must do the thing you think you can not.


  1. Had to go back and read the older post too. what beautiful colors. I had hoped to see them on my trip but there wasn't much. So I am happy to see them here thanks for Sharing.

  2. Spectacular scenery and a great time of year, full of colour.
    I bet Casey is loving every moment.

    1. HE is the best travel companion he has not barked ONE time! My Flossie would have barked every single time I exited the vehicle which is at every overlook so far, I love them but they are a challenge to travel with! MY fault I spoiled them.

  3. That Casey is just so handsome! More gorgeous colors here, looks like you're having a great trip.

  4. Wow, you really did hit the colors perfectly. We only get yellow leaves out west. Those reds are fantastic.

  5. The colors are heart-stopping. Perfect timing. Laughing about the pony-tailed lawyers. Yep, that tells us a lot about the plac!

  6. Oh, Sondra, what amazing colors!! So enjoyed this post!


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