Friday, March 28, 2014

A-Birding I did Go... continuance of the trip to see the waterfalls I thought I'd share the birds I enjoyed seeing. 
First in my sisters back yard she gets birds on her feeders I never get even tho those species are in my yard...Like Blue Birds!

a small family of them are always eating at my sis's feeders! I've tried buying the same seed, but still I don't get bluebirds show up to eat it...then an American Robin jumped on for snacks...

a red-bellied woodpecker waited in the wings for a turn at the feeder...

and I saw several yellow rump warblers at the feeders too!

Then over at Oak Grove and the lake there from Oak Creek...I saw the usual fare of ducks this one gave me a decent bath sequence...which was fun 

Then he glided off with a friend...

then.......The Race WAS ON....

The Geese are nesting so any intrusion was not tolerated and a chase ensued....only the fastest would escape without a honking big bite on the rear!!
I've been bitten by a goose it does hurt...

...and this red tail was making sure everyone stayed on their toes!!

The large flock of ring billed gulls that was around on my last visit has dwindled down to only one or two...I like gulls because they tolerate humans pretty well...

Brown headed cowbirds were around as well as Carolina Wrens..

More Eastern Bluebirds....

                  These guys were so back-lit I couldn't tell if they're barn, bank, or other! Either way they're swallows!

I wanted this to be a Eastern Wood Peewee but I think its an Eastern Phoebe..

...and its just not birding without a northern cardinal to brighten things up

Spring arrival....

and this killdeer wad very leery of my intentions...

and several hundred people flew over the lake....

and one totally aggravating Belted Kingfisher who wouldn't be still long enough for any kind of shot... so ended up with this extreme crop job...

How annoying is that? All in all it was a good day of birding for me!!


Eleanor Roosevelt: You must do the thing you think you can not.


  1. Love all the beautiful birds. Want to take a trip to the mountains soon.

  2. Some beautiful birds Sondra.
    I love those Bluebirds and Cardinals.

  3. Happy Spring Sondra! You saw some wonderful birds. Nice flight shots too -- I can never get those.

  4. Hi Sondra... Well I'd say you did a bang up job of birding!! That is quite the list of birds and some fine pictures to show !!
    I have Eastern Bluebirds all winter , which is quite rare, but they find berries and Grace's dinner!!
    They love the suet,but the big thing they like is dried mealy worms!! Never had them eat seeds!!


  5. Seems like you've had some good birding times lately! I am curious about this goose bite you speak of- wild or domestic?? I nearly peed myself once when my friend got cornered by a couple of barnyard geese trying to bite her...

  6. Great bird photos. So nice to see the blossoms on the tree.


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