Friday, January 3, 2014

Warn N Fuzzy Feeling!

Although its fun to put up a few decorations its good to see it go back in storage too...less clutter.  I think that's why organizational needs surface right after the holidays! Mom and I straightened up the linen closet in the bathroom, it was an unorganized mess...and we rolled up all the pennies that were tumbling around in my pocketbook, making it way too heavy for me to deal with. we will tackle the Junk drawer....its a treasure trove of "things" cant do without it, but I was thinking one of those silverware organizers may help us keep it in better shape?  So I'll look for one next time I go to the Dollar tree...I will get one about this long....

My Mom fell in the kitchen last week...she banged up a knee pretty good and her COPD has been acting up quite a bit so lots of coughing, oxygen, and pills, and just lots of I've been reading her the riot act lately I think she is about ready to knock me out!! See she fell cause she was walking around the house without using a cane or walker!! NOW she is having major trouble walking so we made a deal...she is to use the walker UNTIL the knee is well enough to go back to using a cane...I walked into the kitchen the walker is standing there she is not there then I hear her on the back porch...its 2 steps down  and out to the porch WTH?

So I got angry...she said I'm not giving her any credit...
She just doesn't get it....I don't want to spend 6 weeks sitting by her bed while a broken leg heals...I just got 2 casts off my arms she is my arms for now....
I told her she is selfish she was NOT happy bout that..she gave me the stink eye for a couple days!!

BUT then she didn't complain when I watched the Breaking Bad marathon that was on amc channel....and I taped the last 6 episodes so we could see the ending....I asked in my best "pleaseeee, can we, pleaseeee"... voice and used my best puppy dog pleading eye trick!

She was a real good sport and said "oh stop whinning you can watch it, geeze..." and she even got into it and I think she enjoyed some of it!!!

My friend and I had a good New Year's "brunch" and that was very cool...we chattered away and ate like a couple of ...

So I'm still recovering....Mom is improving and doing very well today, the weather is COLD and the New Year is off and hopping!

Hope your New year is as cuddly as ours has been!!

(...these fellows are part of my Ebay inventory I haven't been out taking many photos recently so they agreed to stand in for my Blog Post)

Eleanor Roosevelt: You must do the thing you think you can not.


  1. THERE you are! Happy New Year!! Cute post. Glad you have these little friends to help you out. Hope it won't be long before you are doing more and more!! Hi to your mom!

  2. Yes the decorations are so much fun and then their not. Mine are all down but since I got sick on New Years day they are not put away in the shed some are on the porch some are just thrown in the shed.

    But Happy New Year to you and your mom.

  3. And very cute stand-ins they are indeed! Certainly understandable that you haven't taken many pictures. Glad to have the update ....both casts off, that's great indeed! I hope mom listens to you and uses what she needs...hard to tell moms what do do isn't it (just ask my daughter!).....

    Keep on getting better and I hope for you a happy healthy and healing New Year. (And don't sell Pooh and Piglet unless you find them a very good home.)

  4. You are just too clever with your little furry buddies there. I hope your physical therapy is going well. Happy New Year!

  5. Great post- it took me a couple before I realized what you were doing there... clever! Breaking Bad is pretty good- I would have sat and watched a marathon too. Sorry to hear about your mom but it sounds like you're being a good daughter!

  6. I love the way you put those pictures into the story. Very clever. I hope your mother pays attention to you and uses her walker. It must be a worry. Hope this New Year is a wonderful one for you.


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