Sunday, September 15, 2013

The Day After Friday the 13th!!

Recall last week I was painting this bedroom..well now the painting is 99.9% done...because at the twilight minute I RAN OUTTA PAINT.........GRRRR..

This color doesn't photograph very well its not green, its more of a khaki....

 and as I said I wanted to replace the sliding closet doors with bi-fold ones because it gives better clearance to the closet, you can get STUFF in/out easier!! SO here are the directions....and the little plastic bag of PARTS holy cow.....ah-okay whats this?

In every language known to mankind...Notice on the box it says 3 easy steps?
Then there is the list of tools's my pile of tools..

The tool on the bottom of the pile is for PLAN B.... in case ALL ELSE FAILS the real reason its there is IM ABOUT TO GO POSTAL....I mean go to the post office...because on that same morning the Post Office sent one of my ebay packages BACK TO ME..its in a flat rate envelope, it has flat rate shipping label attached, a postal note on it that reads---- (Return to Sender NOT FLAT RATE)?----- WTH? SAYS WHO? IF IT FITS IT SHIPS right??? Up to 70 lbs? This package weights 6 lbs. I'm trying to get over it, but UNTIL IM standing at that Post Office Window, and getting an explanation from the Postmaster... I can't calm down!! No this tool will NOT be in involved in that conversation...
A little dry fit and then I realized....

The bi-folds I got are 29 and 1/2 inches wide each, I got 2 sets, directions say keep at least 1/4 inch clearance on each side so it can clear the facing when its opening and I measured...MINE is gonna be "YIKES" 1/2 an inch too wide on both sides...
WHAT??? Now the tool on the bottom of the pile is starting to call my name...
"go ahead make my day" (a little worse if possible!!) 

SO the only thing to do was BLOW A HOLE IN THE (*&^% ) doors

or CUT 1/2 inch off each one! ( I know what you're thinking... did she cut it with the rifle?)  

NO I DIDN'T, I was feeling LUCKY so I used the circular saw....cut the side that fits next to the wall...does it look off? 

THE knobs that came with the doors are ridiculous, just a bare wood round knob, and there's no pre-drilled hole??What the??... so I've gotta drill a hole and put on knobs, I have some knobs that may work, but need longer screws to attach with ..Now I have to paint these and the room door you see up in the photo above, give the room a good cleaning....then its ready for the furniture to go back in...I just pushed it to the middle of the room while painting, and some of the furniture in here doesn't even belong in the bedroom...everything is a mess!  Its coming together tho, slowly but surely!! Im starting from the back and working my way to the front.... A bit dirty, and bit hairy, but I DID IT!!!


Eleanor Roosevelt: You must do the thing you think you can not.


  1. What a racket! No easy peasy doors as they touted them to be. Good work getting them up!

    1. Seems everything is that way...nothing is easy anymore!

  2. Oh man, great post... The doors look excellent, can't even see all the blood, sweat, and tears on 'em! I like the wall color too. Hope your post office visit goes ok and you leave the gun at home!

    1. Hi Jen, I found the GUN in the closet! I dont even know if it's loaded, so I dont know what to do with it...I think Ill take it to my boss's husband he knows about guns, he can show me how it works, and maybe tell me if it has any value. I dont like X had a few.

    2. Ha yeah I wouldn't know what to do with one if I found it either. Maybe it will make you some good money!

  3. Good for you girl, it's looking good. Who writes directions to things anyway? I think it must be a robot or something; they never make sense.. Did the PO give you any explanation (are they still alive to explain? LOL)

  4. HI Sondra... What a "WOMAN"!! That's all I can say!! : )



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