Tuesday, August 13, 2013


SO far I'm still unable to type directly in the editor... its discouraging *sigh* seems every place I visit regularily online has suddenly changed to a point where I no long ENJOY it! My old photo spot, Flickr, is horrible after the upgrade, Facebook is very confusing, and now blogger is trying to lock me out too...BIG GROWL!!

BUT I have to blog about my melon....so here goes in html mode...
I KNOW Its a LOT of chatter and limelight for just an old melon...but ITS MY FIRST so I have to bragg and share. I picked it today, it weighed in at 5 lbs!!!


the stem...

I hope its ripe, I didnt really know how to tell, but I was getting scared since its turned really hot, I dont want it to get over exposed! I have had pumpkins not make it through August due to the heat, they will literally cook, then rot n die...

I will save these seeds because they must be very hardy since they came up on their own from the compost pile and grew a melon to this size, there were 3 melons originally this one took off the other 2 shriveled up and died right away.

...and my tomatoes kinda went nutz they are outgrowing the pots...I get about one per day off them..one is a cherry the other is also a small pear shaped tomato..

my tomato plants

Believe it or not last fall I collected some seed pods from the pitcher plants that grow in Goodale State Park, near me...and I put the seeds in some seed starter and made this little terrarium from an empty Fast Food container I got out of the trash! I cut a small slit in the top for ventilation and ITS been in there since last October, and the little pitchers are actually growing! IF these do actually get large enough to transplant that will be amazing...I never thought they would sprout, it did take about 16 weeks for them to sprout!!

Pitcher Plants

IM still working on the DIY home project that helps me to stay in shape...Flossie stays in shape doing YOGA!


She calls this one Upward Facing Dog!!


Eleanor Roosevelt: You must do the thing you think you can not.


  1. Funny girl -- you make me smile. Garden looks good, hard to believe that "big boy" was a volunteer... I'd save the seed too..

  2. Outstanding melon! I picked our first ones today too. It's so cold here! Tonight...48...in August. Wowsers! We are well though and are putting away some food so life is good. :)

  3. Love the melon. I'd photo it too I'd be so excited. Can't grow them in my zone.
    Flossie is more my style when it comes to work outs!!! LOL. However, with my friends help I did get the back deck stained and the siding washed.

  4. Hi Sondra... That melon vine delivered you a nice looking fat baby melon lol!!
    I bet it will be ready in a couple of days left to set, but I bet you have already dug in!! ; )
    I am amazed at you pitcher plant, now that takes a lot of patience to get started !!
    You have the same kind of tomatoes I do, and ya a couple a day, but the are ripening fast now!!

    I think Flossie has the right idea about life, don't move to fast low , some low in pack yoka!!: )

    That it easy on those project!!

  5. Good job on the melon. I hope it tastes as good as it looks. And very interesting that the pitcher plants grew. You must really have a green thumb. Do you have a wet spot to transplant them?

    1. I have a little water garden, and I have placed some spagnum moss in one part of it, they may survive in that But I can pot thenm and place them in the watergarden with spagnum moss.

  6. That's one huge melon Sondra.

    I think blogger is losing its charm for me at the moment; or maybe it's because I keep going out and don't have time to do a blog lol
    I hated Flickr's recent changes; but if you click on the 'Edit' tab along the top, you get a similar layout to how it used to be.

    Love the shot of Flossie.

  7. You crack me up!! I was hoping to see a picture of the melon after you cut into it. My mouth is watering!! Good job. Hey, I never thought to collect Pitcher Plant seeds! What a great idea! Hope they live!

  8. Oh Flossie is freakin adorable! That's amazing that you got pitcher plants to grow... could be a new business? When you wrote you "picked" the melon I read it as "pickled" and was very confused! Can't believe you grew that big honkin thing!

    1. And when you wrote "pickled" it reminded me of Pickled Pigs Feet, which is a REAL food item that can be found on shelves of ALL GROCERY STORES in this STATE...I normally close my eyes and push my shopping cart as fast as possible past such atrocities--That melon was GOOD eating too!!


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