Friday, January 27, 2012

A Man Named Pearl...

FRIDAY,,,yahoo.  Hope this is a better weekend than last cause it rained catz n dogs...Anyways between friend and I took a drive in search of... amazing stuff and found it!!
I said to my companion, what street is Pearl's Topiaries on?  Before she could even say "I don't know," bang there was the sign!! Second Right!!
So we took the second right... the story goes like this...Mr Pearl Fryar moved into what was mainly a white neighborhood and the fear was that he wouldn't keep his home up to the standards of his neighbors... he was determined to win the Yard of the month award from the local Garden Club!! SO he began to spruce things up just a bit....

And his neighbors liked it so much  they wanted him to spruce up their yards too...

Pearl says don't let obstacles control you...I think he has some very good advise

Now the entire block is legendary!!

The yards are more attractive than the homes!

WISH I lived on his block!!

You never know what's out there till you go looking for it!! Just like topiary, its there all along, all you have to do is look for it--check out this YouTube ( Ihope its there, if not go to)

--he is quite a character..and if you're ever in Bishopsville, SC go by and see his street!!



  1. What a wonderful place and a special man! I've made a note in case I ever pass through there again.

  2. Hi Sondra...How amazing the artistic ability this man is a true natural talent ..unbelievable!!!!
    Like your photos and the video was pretty cool!
    Thanks for sharing this !!
    Have a fabulous weekend girl!!

  3. Amazing man, and fantastic work by him.
    If only the world had more people like him, it would be a much better place.

  4. Wowowowow... Incredible stuff!! I'm glad you decided to share these photos- Pearl sounds like a great man!

  5. Wonderful topiary to see Sondra.. I am in awe of people that create growing sculptures..

  6. A Pearl handled Edward Scissorhands!

    I like the bit where she says "of course, his body is really nice to look at"!

  7. This is truly amazing! Some of the best topiaries I've seen.

  8. It is cool in a way, just a bit too much for me ;-)

  9. Oh Wow, Sondra! What a amazing gardens. The topiary is like artwork. Very cool. Wonderful photos. Have a great day.

  10. Wow! That's fabulous -- and I haven't even looked at the video yet. Comin' back later (small house, TV's on). Thanks for showing us this wonderful work.

  11. Way cool---found your blog from Nicole B's Mother Nature---love this post---and what he said about not letting obstacles stop him---a moving story. Thanks.

  12. This is the place I planned to fly us to when I was going to visit you last year. I have these two big notebooks full of places to go, things to see across the country. Wish we could have seen it together.

  13. What a wonderful story! I'm sharing this on Facebook as we speak !

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