Thursday, January 5, 2012


What happened to winter? Do you think its coming later or is it not coming at all? This shrub in my yard is in Full FLOWER and thats last yrs fall leaves still hanging on, it doesnt usually bloom until late Feb, early March...

and more flowers are opening around the yard too...bulbs that shouldnt come up until March are UP.......and yet last night and the night before it was 18 and then 25 degrees  EXtreme...and this weekend it will be up around 70 again-

..what was it about how they DIDNT want us to believe that  Global Warming is real? Well I for one believe....the birds that normally arrive here in mid fall didnt arrive until a week ago, I think they are confused also...

Another week is almost crossed off my countdown...hahaha...I hate when time flies because each day is PRICELESS..I would enjoy some cold weather, maybe even some snow...I bought this cool canopy thing for my anticipated travels to parts as yet unknown it will help to expand my space when I set up camp its 10 x 10, I can see it with some grass carpet, a nice table and some party lanterns hanging what do you think? I thought if I waited for it to go on sale there would be none I got it now...I want to add screening to it to keep bugs out--so Im on the look out for a screen surround.  I did see them last yr so I hope to run up on one this yr.

I also hope its going to be easy to put up..cause I'm all for EASY..
I have a string of pumpkin face halloween lights I could use those as my party lanterns? heck may as well use what I have or a strand of christmas Lights may be fun also...I picked up yet another of those camp chairs that I never quite trust you know the ones you sort of eeeassse yourself slowly into and hope it holds you--lol  I have been dumped on my $#@ by one in the past...:=o

I guess if its okay for Mother Nature to have flowers and bees in winter its okay for me to have halloween and christmas lights at my camp spot in Spring and Summer...OH gas jumped up from $2.98 to $3.07, then one day later $3.20, that was this morning, and then on my way home from work it was up to $3.29 jumped almost a dime in 8 that IS THE MOST CONFUSING THING SO FAR!! 

           enjoyed this sundog the other evening, it was quite nice to see!!



  1. I guess signs are for spring time. Hope they are not in for a bad surprise :/

  2. If it is any consolation, our gas is a LOT higher and we pipe the darn stuff to you!

    Unusually mild here too.

  3. The winter seems to have bi-passed us here too; certainly nothing like the last two we've experienced. There's even some daffodils in flower at my local lake, a couple of months early.

  4. Yeah I've been wondering about winter too! I think we had a winter briefly in the fall and now it feels like spring. I thought I saw some daffodils popping up last week but then decided I was just crazy. Guess not!! Halloween lights sound great for your canopy.

  5. Hi Sondra...Oh my dear please be still...I am so afraid of a sudden swing to yuck, and grrrr weather it just seems inevitable ..I do hope I am wrong lol!!
    I hope you take pic's when you set up that gyspy camp this summer..I think you could use some of those festive japanese lantern lights to hang along with those others too lol!
    There is nothing green here this morning it is snowing...only supposed to be a dusting to and inch ...WRONG it is already two...short lived because it is supposed to warm up again over the weekend!!...

  6. I hear ya. This is just silly. When it finally does snow here, we'll either be really thrilled or totally gripe-y. I want snow!!!!

  7. Enjoy your $3.29 gas. I paid $3.75 today here in SoCal.

  8. Nature is confused and I am confused.
    Who wins?
    Great post!

  9. No winter for me either yet Sondra. We have flowers as well as birds courting and nesting.

  10. It's the same here Sondra.
    I have daffodils coming up in my garden two months early.
    Take care..

  11. LIfe IS confusing. Of course we have had a few near-freezing days here in Fl. and the (*) naysayers (insert expletive) have had a fieid day "bring on the global warming"...the idiots. Our son said that the term should be "climate change", then maybe everybody would "GET'it. But some people are just beyond hope I'm afraid.

    So, I hope your flowers survive any sudden freezes that may come.


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