Friday, November 11, 2011

Eleven, Eleven, Eleven


Well I forgot it was one of those mathematically magik days....for me it was extraordinary.
First off while working and riding in the delivery van with my boss driving we crossed the Wateree River Bridge and I saw a pair of beautiful mature Bald Eagles landing in an ablaze of orange oak tree along the river's edge..that was wonderful. No photo of course..but to see those awesome black birds with white heads n tails against that Orange WOW...

AND later-- on the way home with the dying glow of the Sun in my rear view mirror and the HUGE orange sherbet MOON just barely above the horizon through the windshield in front of me... well I was in awe, what a cosmic end to the day-such a scene...I felt like I could reach out and touch Photo of that either...but didnt matter I filed it away under Perfecto in my memory banks.

and....Yesterday as I drove to work a beautiful fox squirrel ran in front of me,...he has a terrific black mask, like a raccoon....and a long fluffy grey tail...he hopped along with that undulating motion like a Chinese dragon in a parade....I was in awe of his beauty... Special moment replay....I saw him again photo...

I dont like bringing my camera to work with me, because there is a chance it will get stolen outta my car....I have my little Konica with me, its useless up against the Moon, a quick fox Squirrel, and a fleeting pair of Bald Eagles, its great for flowers, landscapes and other non moving objects tho.

but when I was not driving and had my camera with me...I did capture these special moments this week, like this sunset...

the edge of night

And this full Moon...

Moonwatch Nov 8 

And these oak trees in full color

The colors of Life

and a pretty fall reflect at the lake ....

Tomorrow Im headed to yet another cemetery in a small town about half hours ride from me....and there is always an adventure waiting around every corner....can't wait to see what it is...
oh and it was FRIDAY and PayDay...can life get any better than this??



  1. A memorial day in more ways than one! You got some great shots over the last week.

  2. I love that last shot of the lake Sondra.

  3. Your pictures are amazing as always. Love the last shot.

  4. Glad you had a wonderfully magical day! Love the moon and the trees... I tried to take a photo of the moon rising with our crappy little work camera the other evening- so terrible. Ah well, hope the cemetery is fun!

  5. The pix you DID get are beautiful, but I truly enjoyed your descrptions of those you missed! That's something I try to remember -- there is magic in just's not always necessary to get a picture.

  6. Sometimes a picture isn't possible, or comes out bad and I call those "memory photos". You described those critters so well I saw them!

    That moon pix is flat amazing. Fall color always a joy to see.

  7. Gorgeous! I especially like the fall colors since I don't see them in AZ.

  8. Sondra, it's great to collect all those little magical moments. So many people just don't perceive them, lucky you! :-)

    PS The picture of the moon is simply stunning!

  9. Beautiful images. Awesome capture of the moon and the autumn trees are so pretty. Have a great day!


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