Friday, April 15, 2011

HEY--Nothing Ordinary About this Day at the Lake

Marcel has nothing on me....everyone is after my least at Oak Grove Lake.    I have seen some cool birds there like the ring neck duck, gr. blue heron, the green heron, the spotted sandpiper, the kingfisher and of course the ducks and geese are always fun to watch. Its fun to find the ordinary waterfowl going about normal life---Here's how it went down---just an ordinary goose but geeze look at this--

"Hey Sondra, look at this pose, its upward facing goose!!!"

"Hey Sondra, bet you wish you looked this good!"

"Hey Sondra, wanna a good butt shot?"

"Hey Sondra, are you stallking me?"
Talk about chivalry...this male was taking his role of protector to extreme limits...he is the mate in shinning armor while she sits on their eggs on that small island...nobody got close-- he allowed the pied billed grebe to swim by that was it!!

"Hey Sondra, you got this?"
Here she is sitting on the nest..sssshh and over there is my buddy the Muscovy Duckling that I've watched grow up he is becoming quite handsome..This summer he will be one yr old!

 "Hey Sondra, GO Away Im hiding, geezze"                  "Hey Sondra, look how I've Grown!"

Every bird there wanted a piece of me--I was torn in all 4 directions!!   N-S-E-W shores of the lake!

               "Hey Sondra, look at us."                    "Hey Sondra, never mind them look at me!"

           "Hey Sondra, this way check out my profile!"     "Hey Sondra, can you keep it down I'm trying to take a nap."

                              "Hey Sondra,...IM OVER HERE---HA caught you off guard!"

                               "Hey Marcel,  you got nothing on me!!!"~



  1. Hi Sondra...great,great them all and your captions are great to!!
    I must say I do really like the goose standing on the road, something about that really makes me "giggle" !!!
    PS..who in heck is Marcel????

  2. Hi,no,no,..not the road the "rock"
    I really must do better proof reading. LOL

  3. Love the pics! And I know who Marcel is--it means I watch too much TV.

  4. AMAZING photos,Sondra,the butt shot is the best of all!:)

  5. Love all the pictures, but I REALLY like butt shots!

  6. What fun shots! I'm thinking your little muscovy friend looks like he has something else mixed in.

  7. Grammy I knew you meant Rock--Ive wished many times these comment boxes had an edit feature!!
    and Marcel is a commercial on TV, its kinda silly but it always makes me laugh--all these people are trying to get his they shout "HEY MARCEL" it is funny--in a tv commercial kinda way...

    Cyndi, IT seems they show that commercial a lot..I see it everytime I watch TV! I like it when the weather girl says "Marcel, are you listening to me?" lol

    Amila--thanks for your comment sometimes I think to myself "oh its just ducks n geese" but then I realize its never JUST ducks n geese its what they DO that really shows off their life in the photo!

    Barbara you are probably RIGHT..I know this Muscovy Duckling had a Muscovy Mother..he is probably a hybrid?--he's unique!!

    Diana I thought of your cowboy butt this is not quite as hot~but there were no cowboys around... LOL

  8. What an awesome post - thanks for the big smile on my face.
    Those shots are lovely!
    I think the butt shot is my Fav :D

  9. Great narrative to great pictures Sondra.

  10. You make me smile...big!:-D)

  11. Like I said below.... personality PLUS! These guys were really showing off for you.. one way or another -- I love that one shot of the duck showing off his "best side."

  12. You cant beat a day down by the river or pond.. you make a great post even better with your commets.... personally I like the last shot showing the speedier side of our feathered friends

  13. Haha I love it! The butt shot is the best hands down (face down?) but all are wonderful and the captions are hilarious...

  14. GREAT series, and wonderfully funny captions! :-)


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