Friday, April 22, 2011

Earth Day--

Untitled-1Each year I try to tackle something that no one else wants to tackle to Celebrate Earth Day.  It is my prime directive to lead by example! So I don't trash, I recycle everything possible, I take scrap metal to the scrap yard, I take everything that can be recycled there..they take tin cans, aluminum, wire, pipe, cars, you name it!  Then the community recycle center takes the plastic, glass, cardboard etc.  I think our Carbon Foot Print is important and we should always look for ways to improve/lower it whenever possible. 

... last year we cleaned up a piece of land that for some reason draws the attention of illegal dumpers!
I have to drive past it everyday so its an eye sore to me.  Its what we refer to as owner vacant land....meaning the owner is "who knows where, but not here"....So you know how we always say "someone" should clean that up ....well I decided "I'm someone" and I did it with some help--And it was so NICE for about 6 months and then one day I drove past and DAMN they struck again!

Another load of trash--ruining the beautiful forest---why?
So tomorrow IF its not stormy, like it was earlier today, I will once again rake up the mess and get rid of it!! I put up a NO Trespassing sign last year...but it didn't work..I know that I am actually trespassing myself but I figure I'm doing the right thing? Doesn't make my trespass any more/less legal tho---this photo is from last yr...look at all that stuff we took to the DUMP..a car seat, old carpet and pad and endless other junk.  MY utility trailer is 8 x 4 feet and it was FULL----We had old tires we picked up too..(those went to the recycle) Thats my Mom tossing stuff out she was 85 in this if she can do it.............YOU CAN DO IT--WE CAN DO IT---!

Celebrate Earth Day everyday---

“I think it’s so important that we always remember that nature, environment, wild places, and wild things are a big part of what makes us who and what we are as human beings, to deny this is to deny our own heritage, our own spirit, and our own souls.”
-John Denver-



  1. Way to go!
    Anyone who would give you a ticket for trespassing there must be a numbnut!
    You Mom doesn't look 85 there, amazing!
    Hope you get to do what you wanted to!

  2. I missed commenting on your last two posts :( but I know I looked at and enjoyed the oldest because I particularly remember the 'bottoms up' shot :)

    Wonderful photos in that and the post before this one. The little Hummingbird is just adorable, I do wish we had them here!!!

    Your White-eyed Vireo is a very striking bird and you can't help being drawn to the eye. I had an 'I can see you and sing to you but you won't find me' encounter with a Sedge Warbler in a bush last weekend. It was inches from me and I spent ages waiting and trying to get a peek at it...but it won the game ;)

    Sondra, I think you're marvellous!! Instead of moaning about litter bugs and fly tippers like most of us do, you actually get up and do something about it. The more I know you the more I admire you, if only there were more people in the world like you it would be a far better place... and well done to your Mum too, I'm guessing she is where you inherited all that energy and spirit from.

  3. Whoops! I forgot to say in answer to your query on my blog, no our Stoat isn't the same as a Ferret but it is exactly the same creature as the Short-tailed Weasel which I believe you have there, the only difference is the name!

  4. What a great way to honor Mother Earth! I love the quote from John Denver. Hats off to you and your Mom,Sondra!!!
    BTW...I complained to the local government about a swamp area which was used as a party area plus a dump. This sensitive area is host to not only wildlife/birds but also to a very rare flowering water plant). They found the owner and now it is being paroled more often and thus much cleaner.

  5. Hi Sondra...I had a nice "long rant comment" all set to post and the phone rang, and I forgot to post it "crap"!
    Soooo instead of that rant I'm going to say some people have the hooray for me and to hell with you attitude!! Enough said!!

  6. This is one of my pet hates. The way some folk just leave litter lying around. Thank goodness for people who care about our world.

  7. Wow good for you!!! I have a similar area I walk my dogs past every morning that I always think "someone" should clean up... Hmm...

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  9. A great post Sondra....It riles me how some people behave.


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