Thursday, March 3, 2011

Heading North

Need a hand sitting down?
ROAD TRIP of sorts--today I head to Greer/Greenville to stay at my sisters house for 4 days, my Mom has been up there for about 2 weeks.  Sis and her husband have a quilt show in NJ I had 2 choices either I could go and work the quilt show...or come up to take care of Indie...and MOM so Im going to  make sure Mom is a-ok and to take care of Indie--the dog, and bring Mom back home on Sunday.  She has recovered from her hip surgery  and the vet released her on Monday (talking about Inide here not so now she is fit to walk up to a mile again.  For me it was a no 13 hrs rush rush rush and work work work or...slow and easy?
I will be taking the girlz with me...we had a nice hike up Sugarloaf Mountain the other day...its not really a mountain although it has all the properties of a mountain it has elevation, rock, and the name but its really just a big mound surrounded by lots of trees--maybe its 50 ft tall?

Flossie on the left Annie on the right
    Last trip to the vet Flossie weighed 68 lbs NO wonder I couldnt lift her in and out of the car...Annie is right behind her at 60 lbs they are solid muscle!  Annie is so funny, when I try to lift her she just drops down like dead weight...a huge 60 pound noodle so its impossible...I trained them to enter via the passenger door--then hop up onto the cargo area...its to high to put them in via the back cargo door.  When these two get in the back of my Blazer its FULL--

    *   *   *
the view was nice at the top and a decent breeze was blowing Ive been up on this mound many times...
    *   *   *
my son and I used to go up and take a picnic when he was my best buddy
    *   *   *
we camped here as camping is allowed in the state forest around I hardly ever hear from him...;o( 
    *   *   *
why do little boys have to grow up to be completely independent men?
    *   *   *
SO glad I have all those Great Memories of the fun we had when he young

Lots of PINE trees surround the mtn.-this little Brown Headed Nuthatch came to see what all the ruckous was about--IF its not raining on Friday (20% chance) I plan to get Mom motivated for a drive into the real mountains (foothills of the Blue Ridge) to photograph Carrick Creek Falls in Table Rock State Park, part of my on-going personal challenge to photograph all the waterfalls I can-- featured in my Waterfall Hikes of SC book...AND even tho this waterfall is not Huge and Majestic...I know it will be fun to see Im not forgetting its the journey not the destination that matters...and adventures I will enjoy along the way and the strange things I will this:

Need a Pink Pig for your Yard? I know where you can get one!


  1. Get the giant hand chair...put the pig on it. Neighbors would love my new yard art!
    Love the view from your "mountain".

  2. I so enjoy my visits to you blog. I never know what I'm going to see next!! Have a lovely time on your trip. A ride will be so good for your mom! Maybe pack a yummy picnic lunch? ~karen

  3. I always said 'you raise your kids to be strong, independent people and then they turn right around and become exactly that!' It just doesn't seem fair does it ;>)...

    Have a great trip and time with your mom (sounds to me like you made the right choice there>)

    Loved your hike pix -- thanks for sharing.

  4. Simply delightful....and I too would go for the mom and dog. :)

  5. Your dogs are so pretty! Love the photo of them together... And of course the pink pig.

  6. Hope the trip is going well :)

    Your girlz look gorgeous; I bet they enjoy every moment.

    Love that pink pig lol

  7. I'd love having that pink pig sitting the "hand" chair in my neighbors would freak! ;)

  8. What beautiful dogs you have. Can you believe that pig, omg!

  9. At first I thought your Mom was the one under the care of a Vet. LOL!

    Love the Hand Chair and Pink Pig. But the Brown-headed Nuthatch and the view from the cool mountain really rock!

    Cute furbabies!

  10. Love the hand chairs and especially the pig! I would love to have a pig on my front lawn. What a nice hike you took, we have that in common. Your trip sounds exciting. Have fun with your adventure!


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