Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Honorable Mention for Moi~

My Sis lives in Colorado and she heard about the Roaring Forks Conservancy's annual Photo contest so I entered!! I was thrilled to be given an honorable mention!! A little feather for my wee hat-
Thanks to the Judges who selected my shot called Knee Deep.  The photo was taken in 2008 along the Frying Pan River in Pitkin County Colorado.
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2010 Winners


  1. Congrats, I'm not the least bit surprised!

  2. Congratulations, and well deserved.

  3. How fun! Your picture is very expressive - you can just feel the excitement of the fisherman. Probably good you didn't win any money - you'd have to hunt that guy down and give him a cut. :-D

    And thanks for including all the winners for us to enjoy. I'm just confused how that guy got the fish underwater. I'm suspecting some trick photography here.

  4. THANX YA'll..
    I do love the winning photo and I also wonder how it was done--Barbara you're right but his back was to me, so no "model Release" was necessary..lol

  5. Very well done Dixxe, excellent work!

    What fantastic photos on your last post. The colour of the Blue Heron is stunning and I loved the composition of the vultures. Such fun to see the Greater Yellowlegs after my recent encounter with its cousin :)

  6. See, we all told you your stuff was good! Congratulations.

  7. You deserve the honor, your photos are quite wonderful.


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