Sunday, May 23, 2010

Thus Far...

Gallup, NM the native pottery capital of the world

Churchrock, Red Rock Park, Navajo Land NM

I followed much of the old Historic Route 66

Canyon Lake Tonto NF, AZ

HELLO from the southwest...its hot dry and beautiful!

Roosevelt Bridge-Tonto NF AZ
Standing on a corner... in Winslow AZ waiting for the high winds to settle down so I can visit the Meteor Crater...I arrived here today after spending 5 days with my friend who lives in Mesa, AZ. We did some camping and just hung out and I learned how to play Wii Rabbidz..its so much freinds 10 yr old Grand daugher beat us on every game but we sure had fun trying...they have a huge projection system..its like being in a theater..

I have visited some very uniques places and I am building a set of photos here at FLICKR if you care to see what Ive added up to Tuesday I head to my sisters and then we head back down to Utah on Friday...I will be doing some backtracking but its all good--WI FI has been available in most spots so Ive uploaded as I went..of course not all the photos Just my favs ...
we drove the Apache Trails Scenic Byway and it was awesome...we camped at the Burnt Corral Campground and the water was awesome..
Ive seen some wonderful birds and got some new ones to add to my life the Bullock's Oriole

Bullock's Oriole

So I will update and visit your blogs to see what you are up to when I arrive at Sis's probably on Tuesday!! Until then enjoy whatever adventures you are into.


  1. Oh, you've been here and gone. That campground looks like the perfect choice. Loved your pictures on Flickr - can't wait to see the rest. Have a great trip!

  2. Thank you Barbara today Im in Utah..freezing my buns..I hear there is snow where Im headed, Did I think to bring a winter coat? NOPE-my hoodie will have to do. I hope to spend more time in AZ didnt get to visit Quartsite..but my friend and I have plans for more "getogathers"

  3. Sounds like you're having a grand time.


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