Thursday, May 27, 2010

Local Wildlife

I have arrived at my sisters home in Colorado...we plan to leave tomorrow for Zion National Park for the Memorial Day weekend. I went up to Meredith a small rocky mountain community where my sister is the while she worked I enjoyed the local wildlife..such as this Golden Mantle Squirrel who keep loading his cheek pouches to the max with sunflower seeds that feel to the ground..

And this Mountain Chickadee enjoyed breaking his seeds nearby...

This little chipmunk was competing with the squirrel for the stuff on the ground..

The Bullocks Oriole is determined to eat at the hummingbird feeder!

And the hummers are like everywhere!!!

This maricopa lilly is blooming all over the dry area
near the state line...

AND I will have to find out what lizzard this is..but he was very well behaved and allowed me to take his photo!!!

So today Im getting things ready for our trip while my sis has to work its a beautiful sunny day..and the birds are out and singing!!!


  1. Beautiful wildlife shots! Hope you're having a great time.

  2. Wow! Gorgeous pictures! Good luck in Zion for the holiday, but I guess you didn't have a choice since your sister (gasp, choke) works!

  3. YEAH...I dragged SIS out of the beautiful Rocky Mtns to take her the crowds of But we hiked about 5 miles of hot dry trail with many tourists!!!


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