Monday, November 16, 2009

The Results Are IN--!!!

Do you ever do things and then completely forget you did it? Like while I was traveling in September I picked up a flyer about a photo contest of the Rainbow Bridge National Monument and when I got home at the very last minute I sent in an entry. The winner of that would get their photo on a poster to commerate the centennial of the Monument and a free boat trip to the monument...second place would be featured on centennial exhibits and third place would receive a Rainbow Bridge hat & shirt, fourth place a gift certificate from the Colorado River Discovery Store. So I won Third Place!!
Shocked me when I got a call today from Mr. King of the Glen Canyon National Rec. Area to tell me I had been selected as the third place winner!! I was like ----WOW you are kidding!! The contest was open to professionals and amatures and editing was allowed. I submitted the photo Im currently using as my page header, up on top of my blog page! He said mine was the only entry that contained wildlife!!
Initial judging was done by the National Parks Service staff, and finalists were judged by a panel of independent photographers based on the following criteria--Overall compostion, quality, originality, and creativity. Mr. King told me that all the photos will be posted on the Official Rainbow Bridge Website and each winner will receive a certificate as well....I was just thrilled to even be involved--let alone be sent a prize!! Im honored to be a part of the upcoming centennial of such a beautiful spot. Here is a link to the website, hope ya'll get a chance to check it out:
So that was my news of the week. End of the week Im dog sitting again--hope it doesnt rain this time!

I got an Official letter of congrats, and I framed it with a copy of my winning here it below. 


  1. Wow! Congratulations! I looked at the other winners, and I think those judges were just crazy -- your picture is the best by far!

  2. I would have enjoyed being the winner a free boat trip on Lake Powell!! But Ill take that shirt n hat it was expensive in the gift shop, so I didnt buy one, maybe my inner voice knew I was gonna get a freebe? Thanks you for your supportive and inspiring comment!!

  3. Congratulations Dixxe!
    That's great news. I agree with Diana too; yours was the best. Head and shoulders above the others.

  4. Wow! That's terrific! It's a wonderful picture and deserves recognition. At the risk of being repetitious, I think yours was the best too!


  5. Thanks guys..I appreciate the votes of approval!!


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