Sunday, October 18, 2009

Home Again!

I returned from my dogsitting/web page design/upholstery trip to sisters house! In explaination--I was asked to dog sit...and I had planned to reupholster an ottoman that one of her dogs chewed up...and I am the "web designer" (feeling my way around HTML) of my B-I-L's web site for his pen business. So to put it lightly I worked my butt off! Its good to be back home! I have not finished all the changes he wants on the web site its a slow process...He makes hand turned pens! These are quite handsome- He wanted to add a few new designs and so I took about 15 photos of the new stock here is one that I really


 So while I was in Greenville it rained, rained, and rained!! What a miserable time it was taking poor ole' Spanky out for his constitutionals---he is a bit thinner, but his mental status is about the same. I didnt take the time to try for a foilage trip...too wet and cloudy..but yesterday we took a short drive to a nearby town and I snapped a few shots of some of the scenery along the way...including the Great Falls Catawba River Dam C-1920. As you can see it was quite a cloudy day.

  Great Falls Dam

We passed by the old Country Store in Liberty Hill, SC a very small rural community.  We pulled into one of the river access points and I took this shot...there were men fishing in a nearby boat - I decided not to invade their privacy...but I overheard the word "longjohns" as they huddled together in their
 metal john boat. LoL

 Across the way from the boat landing area is this old electric generating building, I dont know if still does look to be kept up to a point... I love the style of it.


 We stopped for a fish sandwich & fries that finished off the day! On the way home we got the clouds of the setting sun


Hope everyone of you is in high spirits and all is right in your world!


  1. I'm sure it's nice to be home. Enjoy! Love the photos, especially the last one.

  2. I'm just back home as well after spending two weeks cat sitting my daughters four cats. It rained as well most of the time, lol. Oh my, the things we have to do, lol. That pen is lovely and the other photos are just great.


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