Monday, October 12, 2009

Fall is all about Color

Today its a steady eastern rain dampening my world. You know one of those all days rains with no let up. We really need it too, September was such a dry month here in the South East. I have to admit I have barely taken my camera out of the bag since I arrived back always sort of hits me after a wonderful adventure to have a case of the blues. Tomorrow I am headed upstate for the dog sitting once again, and that usually cheers me up but not this time. Due to Spanky's illness I cant take off and go into the mountains and take a hike or visit the road side stands filled this time of year with apples, freshly canned jellies n jams and local sweet honey...I wont be able to have a "side" adventure as I always have before when dog sitting. I really hope Spanky is better than when I last sat with him. I was thinking of heading west toward the Appalachians in north Georgia to look for early leaf color on my return trip..sort of make a wide swoop-- it all depends on how badly Im needed back here at home since Mom will have to take care of our own 2 dogs while Im gone. I wish they were all coming with me. Normally the best time for leaf color in the southeatern mountains is the first week of it may be a bit early but in the higher elevations I might get lucky. So I will see--meanwhile I did see some of the most awesome leaf color ever while in Colorado last month....probably cant top that...but I do love the orange and reds that the Maples and Oaks here in the East throw into the mix as well.

 The Aspens are hard to top and not the only golden thing I saw...I snapped this shot of a Golden Eagle that caught me by surprise...I did fire off a few shots but got only this one clear enough to share...I had to zoom and crop this quite a bit.. so its a bit pixelated---

I am a lover of the prairie and the sage grass that grows in the dry canyon country too...the soft greens and the deep gold colors just amaze me. I took this photo of a mare and foal and just as I snapped the shot, the foal shook his head--I guess a fly was bothering him!


And here is the shy burro that stuck his head behind a juniper just as I snapped the shutter! He is standing in an aromatic stand of soft green sage!


 Ok, enough trekking through memory land, I have to go to Walmart, ---I'd rather be horsewhipped! Hope all of you are having a wonderful time today!!


  1. I hope Spanky is a bit better too Dixxe. It's heartbreaking seeing animals in pain or suffering.

    Those golden trees are stunning; and the Golden Eagle. One bird I'd love to see.
    I like the shy burro too. Good to know I'm not the only one with those sort of shots lol

  2. Wow, that's a beautiful shot of the eagle. I too have been enjoying the color of the trees this year. They seem to be even brighter than usual.


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