Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Update 2-

HI Friends,

Please forgive me for not visiting your blogs...I can't begin to tell you how busy Ive been...we had a FAB trip to Canyon Country..and NavajoLand OMG I love it there...WHY doesnt my sis have a bigger house?? Maybe she knows I would stay forever if she did..haha.

Well we returned from our roadtrip on Saturday and on Sunday we unpacked, did laundry..and Monday I painted the front of sis's bungalow...it looks super..but OUCH old muscles not wanting to do that reaching, and stretching...so a bit stiff! I recovered just fine tho and so today I installed a new faucet in her bathroom....like I said before Im sort of very handy--got that from my Dad-- and it works great and its very "hip and modern". Does anyone say that these days?? Probably not--

OMG I took so many photos...there is no way to sort them in such a short time..but one good thing sis does have high speed..unfortunately she is still using Windows ME, and Internet Exp. 6.0 so all sorts of bugs..lol BUT I did manage to dump all my photos in my Flickr...

So when I left you last I was about to embark on a trip on Lake Powell..and IT was fantastic...We took the 1/2 trip to the Rainbow Bridge...I would highly recommend that trip if you cant rent a house boat and spend a week as so many do...here are a few shots of my fun on Lake Powell and the Rainbow Bridge...

House Boating is the thing to do!

9-09 146

9-09 166

9-09 368

Natures Spotlight

9-09 046


  1. Beautiful shots of Lake Powell and Rainbow Bridge. I'm going on a houseboat there for a week the end of the month, so the preview was great.

  2. That scenery is awesome!
    Superb pictures, and the tenth one down, before the squirrel, would grace anyones wall.
    Love the Lizard too, and the video clip.

  3. What amazing scenery, (and on the previous post too which I have just caught up with) so dramatic, what an incredible experience! It sounds like the holiday of a lifetime. I loved the Lizard photo also. I shall look forward to more!

  4. Hi again, I popped back to say I just watched the video, WOW! I felt I was there, amazing!


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