Thursday, February 26, 2009

Dawn Boy-

Adobe Sun

Each time I create art, it has to tell a story...and I created this piece a long time ago, its part of the collection I call Mystic Canyon and in Mystic Canyon ponies can fly over magic mountains jump over rainbow bridges...I often feel that art is guided by the Spirit from within us, and I always look for the meaning or the "story" of each one, this one Adobe Sun, came out and had no story to tell me, but I knew it was there and eventually I would find it and I did- how stunning it was to me when I discovered this story/Legend...and if you look at the entire collection you will see how fitting it is, the first piece I did that inspired this collection was this one I called it the Buttes Pony, I did this one in 2005..and I found the legend the story to go with it YESTERDAY 2009!.. can view that collection here is you have a mind too...
We have so much to learn and learning from -ones- who have been on this planet longer than us- to me- makes sense...there is Greek Mythology, there is Biblical Mythology and the list is endless...many of the lessons are the same just told in a different way by a different story teller...

Just as Moses went up the Mt. to bring back the commandments so did Little Dawn Boy...

Opportunity knocks but we dont hear it...every day is an opportunity to walk the rainbow trail...or walk a different path a chance to go to the places we fear, sneak past the monsters guarding the gates where we wish to go, face the differences that tries to stop us, we have to go beyond it, reach around it, play tricks on it and then welcome what we find..just as the Navajo legend of Little Dawn Boy tells us of his bravery and how he keep on his path.... he trekked up the purple mountains and to the white cliff and spoke to the Great Chief of all Magic, and the legend goes...

...all that day, and the second, and the third, he traveled, and early on the morning of the fourth day he climbed to the summit of the purple mountain. But still far off and high among the clouds towered the white cliff, and around its top flashed the red lightning.

But Little Dawn Boy was not afraid. He scattered more pollen on his trail, and began to sing his magic song:-

"Oh, Pollen Boy am I!
From Red Rock House I come!
With Pollen of Dawn on my trail!
With beauty before me,
With beauty behind me,
With beauty below me,
With beauty above me,
With beauty all round me,
Over the Rainbow Trail I go!
Hither I wander, thither I wander,
Over the beautiful trail I go!"

on his return with gifts for the people....

And there he saw his people waiting for him. And joyfully they welcomed him, and spread a magic buckskin for him to sit upon. And he related all his adventures, and gave them the many good gifts that had come from the House of Evening Light.

And ever since that day his people have sung the magic song of Little Dawn Boy:-

"With soft rains above us,
With sweet flowers below us,
With white corn behind us,
With green plants before us,
With pale mists all round us,
Over the Rainbow Trail we go!
Hither we wander, thither we wander,
Over the beautiful trail we go!"

As each day breaks it is the legend of Little Dawn Boy being told over and over.

I found this legend here
:Native American Indians

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