Friday, February 20, 2009

Ancient Art Connection

Last year I took a trip to Utah. Prior to that I was visited by the desire to create art that reflected what I thought I would see there. In my mind I thought of the wide open spaces first of all and secondly the red sandstone. Thinking more of the history of the west I thought of the anicent civilizations that once lived in these areas, the natives and their early attempts at communication, mainly the Rock Art. Thinking about all this got me excited about the art pectrogliphs and pictographs. One is carved into the stone then colored and the other is simply drawn onto the rock. I did get an oppurtunity to see this art up close and personal...and honestly It felt good.

The land is so spiritual that it gets into you right away or at least it did me. I must have taken over 800 photographs!..I was just as excited to visit a rock shop in Moab and the Arrowhead Motel where my hero John Wayne stayed when he was in the area working on one of the many films he starred in that were filmed out on the huge range. The two big parks there...Arches, and Canyonlands are vast and much to see there.

This is the collection of drawings I created with the Ancient Civilizations of our own South West in mind. After visiting these areas up close I realized I had connected in some with an ancient artist guiding my hand.

Cave Arts.psd Runes.psd

Water Flow Stone Age



  1. Your trip was obviously very inspiring, Dixxe, I do like the patterns you created, their shapes and colours match perfectly.

    BTW, I am really glad to see you active here again. :-)

  2. Somewhere I'd like to visit one day, Utah.
    Love your artwork.


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