Sunday, October 5, 2008

the Atlanta Supernaturals..

 Im having a cup of java in my motel and trying out the Wi Fi...its in n out I like the laptop for convience but the keyes are hard to find...I keep typing like this majgnlahugieah then  having to start are a few pics from the show...

Thats my son ...and his trophy for 4th place..he was so tired and dehydrated... They go through this dehydration thing before the show....I will be posting all the photos I took when I get to my sisters I dont want to put all of them in this laptop.. My son goes in drug tested shows only! Im so proud of HIM, he works so hard to keep his body in this perfect condition. Those of us who dont are all to aware of the amount of work and discipline it takes to get to and keep this kind of body. Proud Mom here! :o)

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