Sunday, June 9, 2019

Then n Now

Well this really made me say WHATTTT??? the beautiful Beaver Dam gone! At the hand of some fisherman who just decided HE didn't like it...



The reason I know it was forced away and not washed away is the branches were dragged to the sides..not washed downstream.  SAD. And so upstream its drying up the wetland.  Don't people realize beaver create perfect habitat for fish, toads, turtles, aquatic plants? Anyway it was really a sad moment for me when I found it this way :o(  

This changes the entire dynamic of this place will wood ducks leave now? The vegetation will choke out the plants that like to have wet feet, and the Eagle nest nearby will have a hard time finding prey in a thicker swamp.  

I saw very few birds where I had been seeing and hearing many...I did find one owl pellet I forgot to take a shot of it before I began to sift thru it...

small rodent vole, mole? 

A common Yellow Throat took a look at me from the other side of the road...

back in the radius a black n white warbler gave me a serenade..

The Yellow eyed Eastern Towhee is still living in the clear cut Im happy to report. 

Some beautiful colorful Variegated Fritillary 

The Sticky Honeysuckle is in flower, bees love this..

and in the yard if you like Gardenia...these have a heavenly intoxicating fragrance...

I have 4 of these shrubs in my yard, they bloom very fast and fade quickly and I always enjoy them.  Other fun things in my container garden are the yellow squash that I ate yesterday! 

And these Green Peppers will make all sorts of good food at our table..

did I mention it was hot?

northern mockingbird

We went to a small town nearby after memorial day and found this on display off main street...

We realized we knew the man James D Heriot we had found his grave here in Rembert Methodist Cemetery...and there is a short bio here of his military history including the medal of valor, I had taken a photo of his headstone.  And now he is forever memorialized in Bronze...and then another thing dawned on me...this is the sculpture's signature

M J Kirby-Smith 

I had forgotten about an artist I used to do upholstery for when I had my shop open back in the 1990's.  This artist had moved into the area... she was young and unknown and was budget conscious so we worked with her. on several of her decorating projects..and it dawned on me this is the same  Miss Kirby-Smith!  She has left quite a mark on our community and the surrounding area! And here is another of her work in our town...

Kinda dark and dreary on this day, this is the Catawba Chief, King Haigler, with Joseph Kershaw...and once I googled up her website, I realized she has become quite a successful artist since she arrived here in the 1990's.  I don't know if she still lives here but I suspect she does. 

We took a trip to town recently ...

and ended up at the farmers market...

That was fun...

And lastly a wonderful roadside find...

it rocks....soon to be a make over project for me...

Every day is a new Adventure.


  1. It is really sad to learn of the destruction of the beaver dam. When will people realize that nature creates its own perfection and left alone will deliver miracles for all to enjoy? For some, never I suspect.

    1. I agree David, I was dumbfounded when I saw it...I hope there is an active beaver to set this straight again if left to his business.

  2. Some people are just ingnorant and nothing will change them. We already have quite a large fire in the Superstition Mountains which has a long standing background and yes of course human caused fire.
    Your pictures are so clear and the birds and butterfly are gorgeous.

    1. Hi Jo, on no a fire already that is not good. We were getting some haze here that our tv news said originated in Canada from fires they had going on...seems so early in the season to have fire already.

    2. I see I never mentioned your beautiful photo's the fire and the dam got the better of me
      The gardenia is so beautiful and your garden looks really good. Love the roadside chair find I know you will transform it into a thing of beauty.

    3. Hi Jo, thanks for your follow up comment...I am looking forward to working on the chair this is a busy week here with days blocked off for getting last minute things done before my sis leaves so I put my projects on hold for now. Once thins settle back down I'll get busy.

  3. Oh what a shame about the Dam :( I take it the Beavers will not rebuild, I don't know a lot about them? Lovely photos of the birds :)

    Good to see the sculptor is doing well, you must have been pleased to see that. It's odd to hear the name James Heriot as this (with an extra r) was a huge name as I was growing up, he was a Yorkshire vet who wrote books about his life and ended up having a TV series based around them, I was a big fan and just recently bought a set of the books from a charity shop!

    1. Hi Pam, I know about the Herriot you speak of or I know about his books...I think maybe since most of our roots are from the his genealogy he is related to the vet in some way.

    2. Oh yes, that's a strong possibility isn't it!

  4. Hello, it is sad that someone destroyed the beavers dam. People do not always see the big picture and only what is in front of them and what they want. Pretty birds, I love the warblers and towhee. I am always looking for the owl pellets but do not find them. I would love to have some gardenia in my yard, lovely. Happy birding! Wishing you a happy day and a great new week!

    1. Hi Eileen, thank you! I agree and I blame our school systems for not playing a larger role in educating people about our natural world...and parents too of course, but in school the mind is eager in the early years of development while most parents are out working it's left to the schools to inspire the adults of the future to be a more environmentally aware decision maker.

  5. Beavers have been reintroduced in the UK in Scotland and I think in England / Devon. There has been a mixed reception to their re introduction as many people are not aware of their benefits in slowing rivers down and preventing flooding. The main problem here I think is that we are not big enough in land area to appreciate their benefits. But it's a shame that their dam was destroyed where you are. Ignorance abounds!!
    Its very sad when you see statues and accounts of the soldiers who died. As you know Trump was over here for the D Day commemorations and to see those survivors crying at the memory of what happened is heart rendering.
    The farmers market looks good and I'll be interested to see the outcome of the chair project.

    1. Trump is such an idiot...he never has sacrificed a thing for this country! He is on top of my black list! I purchased a basil plant a the market because I never got around to sprouting any so now I have a nice plant on the window sill $1.

  6. OH NO! We deal with this around here so frequently. :( :( :( Heartbreaking really....the lack of understanding and love and connection for the rest of life. Your other sightings are fabulous, of course, and your vegetables amaze me! We are still quite cool here so our tomato and pepper plants are just sitting there waiting for summer to arrive.

    1. Hi Jennifer, it hurts to see such a treasure destroyed,,,I have lots of pepper and my little cherry tomato's are already giving me that sweet burst of sunshine only a vine ripe fruit can give!


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