Sunday, July 10, 2016

La Semana de los Muertos!!

....Translates to The Week of the Dead!

As always I'm busy...Mom is still going with the PT twice a week and not too happy bout it but she is it cuts into my free time a wee bit but I'm enjoying the time off from Projects!! That doesn't get me completely off the hook tho...I stained the deck boards...

Just in time too...

cause with the 7 straight days of over 100 degrees, the afternoons turn stormy! 

I spent Wednesday inside out of the scorching 104 F temps all day working on that painting I told you I planned to finish..and so it is 
Now finished!! On the lookout for a frame...

My artwork has this distinct childlike appearance don't you 
(translates to a 5th grader could do better)  You know what I'd like to do some Andy Warhol type paintings just for the Fun of it!!

a little bit fuzzy taken through the glass here is my lone friend Jane Doe, she visits my pasture every single day sometimes with her fawn but today I didn't see him.  She still has milk so Im assuming he is a-okay!

Thursday night we had one terrific storm!  70 mph gusts!  We have trees with the tops blown out, limbs all over the place and no electric for 18 hrs! And the heat was hitting the 100 degree mark...Mom had PT that  morning so we called they got their power back about 4 am so we went in, on the way home we drove the route our power line takes and found the down wire I phoned and reported it and by 1:30 that afternoon it came back on went out at about 7:00 ish the night before! All around us people had no power and had trees blown over and wires down! I got my battery operated fans out of the van and gave one to mom and I used one to keep cool overnight. And the storm had cooled the air off pretty good. SO I've spent nearly the entire weekend cleaning up the storm debris, what I can reach that is, some of it is still dangling like the top of this big Oak was a Y not it's NOT! 

how am I gonna get that down?

And this one the top of the entire tree was ripped off and tossed into the neighboring tree where it is now dangling but hopeless stuck there!! 

How am I gonna get this down?

Lots of big limbs hit the ground and a trillion small stix and branches..

these ones I sawed up into manageable pieces

Thank goodness My sis came to pick Maggie up today and she helped me with sawing these big limbs up into pieces I can manage to load on my trailer which is full already!! And we picked up all the stix and branches off Mom's yard, I picked mine up on Friday afternoon, and tomorrow I will start hauling to the dump weather permitting.   But some of our plants came out unscathed!!  

tiger lily

AND we had another windy storm the Friday night with gusts of 60 mph a few more limbs fell but we kept the power. 

feeling ripped off!

Meanwhile I took Saturday off ---NO work only son and his lovely lady blessed me with a visit and It was a blessing... such a lovely couple of level headed but Fun Loving young people. This was taken on the 4th..   B! competes in body sculpting and y'all know my son used to compete in body building he no longer has the time to train since he changed jobs and is not a personal trainer any longer. 

an amazingly beautiful couple

He is the spitting image of his Grandfather MY DAD!

I normally stick to Corona but needed a change, something  to cheer me up....was drawn to this...I kinda felt like a walking dead Zombie at this point of this week!! SO decided to give this Oculto a's blended with beer made in barrels with the staves of Tequila! I like it and would recommend it--I love the graphic on the box too, B! told me it's a Sugar Doll head symbolizing La Catrina...and they are made and taken to the graves of loved ones during the Dia de los Muertos! SO come Nov 1st must celebrate with this spirit!! 

so after a week  like this one, Fearful Maggie, Reluctant PT Mom, Stormy Weather, and Beheaded Trees--- I'm in the mood for quiet and tranquil lazy dayz of Summer!

Eleanor Roosevelt: You must do the thing you think you can not. that thunder I hear?? Must head to the store for more Oculto!


  1. A well deserved Sunday for you indeed. You son and his girl are a very handsome couple. Nice pool side picture.
    Love the tiger lily. And maybe the rest of those limbs will fall in the next blow.

    1. Yes that pool is located in the apt complex they live at! My Son actually had to work on the 4th this was the day before so they celebrated on Sunday before the 4th. They offered to help with the limbs but I was not in the mood to work on Saturday it was sooooo hot!

  2. Nice patriotic shorts your son is wearing. That beer looks interesting, well earned too I bet, after sawing all those logs. At 6% its a strong brew, you don't want too many of those on Halloween.

    1. I sure nursed my bottle it is a very refreshing beer tho....I def enjoyed it!

  3. What a great looking couple; isn't it wonderful when you can enjoy your kids as adults.

    I didn't realize your weather had been so terrible - jeez, I'd be nursing that Occulto (or my adult beverage of choice) too. Yeeks, hope you don't have more storms. Bill keeps an eye on the tropical storm alerts in case one hits our part of Florida.. I would hate to lose my darling little Canal Cottage, but at least we are not there.

    1. IT is and when I listen to them speak of the issues of this time, its like hearing me and my friends when I was that age...B! Has a 9 yr old daughter and she spends 20 out of the 30 days each month with them, so they are very responsible people, yet they don't life so seriously and I like that! The main discussion we had was able GUNS..and we agree more guns=more gun violence! Odds of being shot at go way up if you have a Gun!

    2. Completely agree with you re guns and it is good when your extended family is all on the same page (that's not true of ours -- but we have a lot more kids-in-law than you do, so the odds of everybody being brilliant go down :(Fortunately our son-in-law and daughter here as well as our our Colorado kids agree with us on pretty much all issues and we spend the most time with them. I went back and read your reply to my comment on your previous post; hope all is going well with your mom and all the dogs, yours and visitors.

  4. Oof what a week! Not sure I would have been motivated to clean all that up in that heat. Well done on the painting- love all the bright colors. The deck looks great too. You definitely earned that 6-pack!

    1. I wish I could just let it lay there but it would kill the grass under it in no time if left there...I'm on the look out for a frame to hang the joint effort painting, son liked it, I was happy to say!

  5. Our rain came lastnight - woo hoo, happy, happy dance! It sadly took out most of the corn and snapped one of our big trees in half, but we are ever so grateful for the moisture since it's roasting here again. Hope you are getting drier!

    1. SO sorry to hear of your losing a tree...I am a little concerned about the big oak that lost half its mass, and the old Cherry snapped in half will probably die, although I have seen them grow a new but not so straight top....Lately we've had the mild and gentle type rain I refreshes the air, and waters everything making everything happy and bright!! I always wonder what happens to the animals when these storms hit I saw several squirrel nests on the ground..:o(


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