Saturday, April 7, 2012

Focus on this...

or almost into focus....

Guess who has a cold...HOW'd you know? Oh well at least its Saturday and I can sneeze at will and cough and blow my snoz without grossing people out.  I HAD planned to do so much  today and IF these  meds will kick IN and do what the BOX claims they do I should be out running sprints in a few minutes...but while I wait..Ill wrap up the last weeks nature notes... I have tons to say on other fronts, but trust me you wouldnt want to hear most of that!!

LAST night we almost had FROST. I KNOW scared the bejesus outta me...all my plants were out and at risk! Ive enjoyed FINALLY getting a couple of tulips to bloom...I put them in pots this yr and that was a good idea-- I bet Ive spent 10s of dollars on bulbs that never come up..

and here is the welcoming committee when I arrive home from work each day, I always swing by and get the mail before heading down the drive..and this guy was NOT too sure he wanted me to get it...look at that daring stare he is giving me....someone is always watching every move you make!!!

HE finally did move on and let me open the box....and  a flock of Cedar waxwings dipped into the yard to comsume the berries on the cedar tree!! Here they are picking up the ones that hit the ground..

Ive seem some large flocks of turkey, but this one was all alone...

Last weekend I had my friend over to celebrate her birthday and we went to Goodale Park and had  a nice walk around 2 geese seemed to be partnered they are taking a stroll at the edge of the pond.....they blend in pretty well!!  Do you see them?

AND need some help from the readers...I looked at my small butterfly field guide and online, and I cant zero in on this first I thought Black Swallowtail, then I thought female Eastern Tiger Swallow, but that orange line on the base of the hindwing---is keeping me from making a postive ID..what do you think?

WE def saw a pair of northern parula's in the trees got a good look too, but that was when I decided to leave the camera in the car as we hiked the backside of the lake... IN a case like that I was repsonsible for recalling 2 marking ID's and she was repsonsible for 2 and between the 2 of us and our 4 clues when we got back to the bird book, it was the White eye markings that nailed it-as the Northern Parula.

Here's a parting shot of another waxwing who waited in the pine tree for his turn at the cedar, they went into hiding when I came over to try for close ups..

Hope you all have a fun weekend whatever you are doing  Im planning a Doggie Biscut hunt with the girls since Im alone this Easter...I think they would like that!! Here is Annie as she demonstrates the stop, drop and roll in the field, ENJOY your weekend.




  1. So glad to visit after a long time, very beautiful birds and butterflies there!

  2. Haha, I love the doggie biscuit hunt idea, though that's essentially what I set up every time I leave the dogs alone for awhile. I make them sit and stay while I hide cookies around the house. They love it.

    Love the waxwings and the turkey and the butterflies are beautiful! No help on what they are though..

  3. The top shot is a winner! Also like the flock on the ground. Great capture.

  4. So many waxwings in your yard? Wow, I've never seen so many birds in my garden!

    By the way, I hadn't seen those geese until I read the text... they are camouflaged pretty well! :-)

  5. So you are under the weather too. Not fun!

    Boy do the dogs love a good roll. Mingus does his complete with sound effects. Always makes me chuckle.

  6. What amazing shots! Love them all...

  7. A FLOCK of cedar waxwings? I am so envious....OK now I'm going back and read the rest of the post .... that picture just stopped me cold I couldn't remember anything that came before it or look at one other thing. WOW!!!!
    OK, I'm back. Sorry 'bout the cold, and loved all the rest of the pictures do live in an amazing spot for birds there. Hope all your flowers survived.


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