Saturday, April 30, 2011

Whitewater Falls

I'm heading home tomorrow 
SO many storms circling around the South lucky for me nothing came this way the weather was perfect, so I went ahead with my waterfall hike plans--this waterfall is in 2 states!! Is that amazing or what?
Whitewater Falls Upper and Lower! Together this system drops over 700 feet---
SO first I hiked to the Lower section in SC.  It was a nice hike of 3.8 miles round trip- not too hard on the way in, coming out a bit more difficult as the first half mile was uphill...hhhhhhhhhhhh

BUT wow!! Look at it--

This section is 200 ft tall... took my lunch break on the view platform & had this whole wonderful wilderness all to myself!!

It was kinda breezy as you can see in the video...
So after I took a lot of photos...I packed up and headed back to the parking lot...this hike uses the Foothills trail and a spur trail to get to this remote area.  the Trail head is on the property of Duke Power at the Bad Creek Hydroelectric pumping station.  There is a visitors center and over- look and I drove up to see the view it was pretty awesome! This is Lake Jocassee.

The Upper Whitewater Falls is located about a 1/4 mile via the highway...up from the turn off for Bad Creek Access in the Nantahala National Forest and in cross the state line and then there is the turn off for the Falls.. (or a 2.3 mile hike via the Foothills trail in the forest) I chose the highway--since I had just finished hiking to the Lower Falls...
This waterfall overlook is easy to get to...a simple walk up a nice paved trail-- very accessible even to the handicapped and I think thats very important...BUT the sign says it all....
SO I was very careful...
The Upper Whitewater is 400 ft tall!  AND
the West thinks they have all the beauty!! NOT true its Here you just have to go look for it!

with sound...and dont mind the black flies that buzzed the camera

a couple of isolation shots of the upper part of the Upper Falls!

We have had a wet spring so finally the drought has been relieved somewhat! This Whitewater Creek is moving a ton of water from the mountains to Lake Jocassee..
I can't tell you how long Ive had this shirt---BUT its a favorite of mine and other hikers I meet on the trail usually say" WHOA"..then proceed to giggle--being glad its only a
Just have to remember not to wear it during Bear Hunting season...;o)




  1. Wow. Beautiful photos, sounds like a great trip.

  2. Wow! Looks like a great hike - and of course your shots are wonderful. I liked the videos too - made me feel like I was there.

  3. Hi Sondra...thissss is one of my favorite things water falllllllls!! OMG these place is majestic!!!
    Your photos and video are spectacular...I did see the black flies lol
    It must be deafening the sound!!
    Nice sign, it doesn't have to be there for me though...I may be crazy , but I'm not foolish hmmm!!lol
    Wonderful post I sure enjoyed!!

  4. Lovely, lovely post! Love to see you too - and yes, that bear IS scary :D
    It's an impressive waterfall and a wonderful hike it seems!
    I love that scenery photo with all the green and water!
    And I sure hope that people heed the sign! Eekkksss.....
    Also hope you get all the rain you need out there! We finally got some yesterday.

  5. There's something about the power of waterfalls, and the sight and sound.

    Loved the videos, and pictures.

  6. Sondra, This is incredible photos and videos. The sign is kinda of scary but the next shot is awesome!!!
    Glad you and yours weren't hit by the "Storm".

  7. What a gorgeous place, very nice photos :)

  8. The waterfalls look impressing, Sondra, what enormous power is hidden in their stream!

    PS Great T-shirt, it suits you! Take care of yourself, wilderness follows strict rules... ;-)

  9. I'd love to go on that hike! Waterfalls are my thing and these shots are beautiful. Thanks for sharing. And yeah, don't wear that shirt during bear season ;>)

  10. Looks like a great hike. Perfect time of year for water falls ... to see them in all of their glory. Nice to get a pic of you too with your favorite, scary t-shirt!

  11. Absolutely gorgeous! I was really jealous until you mentioned the black flies. :-D

  12. I love seeing maps, even if I will never need them :-)
    And waterfalls! And what waterfalls!
    Huge and freely flowing.
    Pity it is the blackfly season already. Does it get as bad there as in the Adirondacks, (and Scotland, for that matter)?
    I remember camping up there in the wrong two weeks of the year. We were wondering why it was so quiet :-)


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