Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Rainy Day

I havent seen the sun in 2 days now so....

Light Show

... today is a wash out as was yesterday and tomorrow promises to be as well! YUK--T.S. Ida is paying us a not so welcome visit with her constant downpour for over 24 hrs straight now...sort of putting me in a down and out state of mind! So I went looking over some of the photos I took when visiting Glen Canyon in hopes it would lift my spirits and its working!

GlenCanyon Red Rock

My favorite landscape photographer has a studio in Moab, Utah. I tried to visit while there but he had a sign on the door--gone be back this afternoon--unfortunately on that particular day we were on a time schedule and couldnt wait for his return. However I did some heavy duty window snooping and was able with nose pressed to glass to see his fabulous work! What I really like about him is he is not afraid to give advice freely and that only makes all of us better photographers! One quote from an article I read of his was "The first step in becoming a landscape photographer is to begin to play close attention to light and its qualities--its the key to successful landscape photography." --Tom Till--

Well I kept that quote in the back of my mind while I was attempting to get some photos that I could look back on and feel that I had achieved what I set out to do--capture light!!
He has a calendar for $12 the only thing I can afford--if the shop had been open I could have purchased it at the special Walk In price of $5. I think Im going to order it for myself for Christmas and look for the Landscape Photogaphy book at Amazon, maybe Ill find it at bargain prices!

Bathed in the Light

The shot below was so surreal--the sun was gleaming through the cloud bank that gathered and the water became as a mirror and turned white--

Streaks of Light

And this rock was standing alongside the floating dock on the trail to view the Rainbow Bridge---to me it looks exactly like a hood ornament for some reason so when I returned home I looked for that hood ornament and found it!

This rock looks like a hood ornament?

What do you think???

1941 cadillac flying goddess
(source ebay photograher unknown)


  1. Excellent Dixxe. You certainly captured the light in these.
    The cloud in the first is spectacular.
    That last shot; I can see the face clearly. Well spotted.

  2. Beautiful shots - I especially like the second one with its different shades of light.

  3. These are fantastic! I love the lighting - and I especially liked the landscape quote you posted from your photographer friend.

  4. Dixxe I missed your last two posts :( but I have thoroughly enjoyed catching up with them

    The engine nests story was amazing! I share your abhorrence of clock changing and thought myself of leaving mine as it was in protest but as you said it would be jolly confusing!

    Love the Egrets on the previous post, beautiful photos and the ones on this post are stunning! The light is definitely the key, if only there was some here! It has been dull here for days and today we have had driving rain and high depressing.

    PS. Yes I could clearly see the analogy!


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