Saturday, November 14, 2009


Making the A list

NO you are not seeing things! That is one huge moon over the formations of Monument Valley...but its sort of a hoax perpetrated by Moi! Reason you ask? I got bored! With all that rain and I'm caught up on my cardboard swatch freelance work...waiting for the next influx of samples to arrive so I played one afternoon with some of the photos I took in September and photoshopped them to make my B-list photos more into B+'s.

This moon is from halloweens big moon...I changed the color of it to a big Red Moon. I sandwiched it between 2 duplicate layers of this not so well composed landscape shot from Monument Valley. This was a drastic makeover like plastic surgery! I enjoy creative editing. I took some other B-List photos and enhanced color, sharpness, etc to get a better looking finished product.

This next shot I had the light but it was blah! So I darkened it and it now its an A-List shot to me. Its like applying lipstick to a set of perfect lips, just enhancing whats already there!
so here is the original--

9-06 269

To make the shot more dramatic and work with the light I had captured I darkened the overall shot and to me its more appealing.

9-06 269a

Here is another B-list shot...

9-06 266

By increasing the color saturation and sharpness now it really shows off the color striations on these hoodoo rocks at Bryce Canyon.

Bryce Hoodoos

And for my birding friends out there...I chased this chickadee all around this pine tree trying to get a shot! He wouldnt be still and I got this dark shot of him...and never really got a good look at him until I lightened up this dark image and behold-- I had a new bird to add to my life-list--the Mountain Chickadee!

The B- photo:

9-06 134

The B+ photo:

Mountain Chickadee

Taking things up a notch can mean more "keepers" in your digital photo albums!
PS: I got that Tom Till book from Amazon for 1/2 price so looking very much forward to that little jewel arriving!!


  1. Some great before and after shots Dixxe.
    I must try and be more patient with my editing. I think I probably bin far too much lol

  2. Great work - they're A+ to me!

  3. Well done, Dixxe, the photos exposed new content! :-)
    That's true that sometimes only a small change can mean a great difference!


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