Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A Hole in the Rock

I'm back home again, until Oct. 13th when I will be back dog sitting ( in Upstate SC) for my sister's dog who has a terminal sad to see how the once lively and strong dog is now in a state of dementia. He has Chushings Disease and there is no cure. He needs almost around the clock care and I don't know how much longer he will be with us, he could remain in this state for as long as 3 yrs the vet said..or it could accelerate and he could go at any time. Personally I hope my sis doesn't make him endure much more, but he has been in her life for 13 years... so hard to make those decisions. I have been in her shoes a few times myself and its never easy...If he hangs in there I will be making a trip there in Nov, and Dec. too to help them out.

Some of the cool art I saw when traveling out west was Le'Junque! I love this stuff...check this out--

A spot along hwy 191 heading North to Moab Utah we found this Hole in the Rock. Its one man's legacy to fame and he was an artist. His home was actually inside that big rock..and his name was Albert Christensen. Unfortunately he passed away and is buried on this site... along with his wife.

Hole in the Rock, a unique place

This is some of his handiwork---

no bull riding

and this too....


I like this one... see the golfer in the background...made entirely of golf irons!

junk art

and of course some of it was beyond Holy! This is NOT man made but Nature Made--
Wilson's Arch near Blanding Utah. Just a stop on the roadside!

Wilson's arch III

Just one of the surprises awaiting travelers!


  1. That's sad news about your sister's dog Dixxe. Always upsetting when a pet is ill; must be even worse knowing he has such a terrible illness like that. I’d be devastated if anything happened to Jim. I hope your sis's dog doesn’t suffer too long.

    That artwork by Albert is amazing, especially that golfer.

  2. I'm very sorry about your sister's dog Dixxe, please urge her not to let him go on too long, we have always felt that we let one of ours go on too long because we could not bear to part with her. It is such an upsetting time, I dread it with every dog we have.

    Amazing art work! I'm glad the artist is buried there at the place he loved.

    I have left a late comment on your previous post also :)


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