Saturday, August 15, 2009



Those of you who have read here know Im an animal activist! I cant stand by and see an injustice and say nothing...I was so happy to know Vick got time for his crime but its not enough---now he is back in the limelight with Corporate sponsors and a new deal in the NFL???
Michael Vick is a convicted felon. HE got off so easy-- his punishment did NOT fit the crime.....He did some time over his infarction of running a dog fighting ring...but what about the morality of what he did? He is a cruel and evil man in my book...there is no amount of remorse ever going to be enough--and from what Ive heard its all rehearsed and practiced and probably written my some fancy ad manager! AND the companies who have given sponsorship to him, big companies that Americans support--wth! Well I certainly wont be supporting the NFL, ESPN, MILLER/COORS, JC PENNY, PEPSI, JJ Snacks...the list goes on and on ( a complete list with contact info is on the link above as well as petitions to get Vick off the payroll)....its unbelievable to me that these corporations have the nerve to think that we will sit back and say nothing about this man they have embraced! What about the dogs he is responsible for killing simply for gamble and sport? Those poor animals had NO choice and no Corporate sponsors...wth are they thinking..

Today Im seeing RED.
I hope all of you will visit this link...and send emails to his sponsors, to the Philadelphia Eagles
and let them know WE dont support animal abusers and we dont buy the products of corporations that do!

We have to be the voice of the creatures we share this world with, we have to be held accountable for our actions or non actions! Vick dished out pain and suffering to these poor animals--the least we can do is send an email! OK back to the far Ive sent out emails to each sponsor and to the Eagles Corporate Staff..and now Im off to sign petitions!

--If we judge impartially, we shall acknowledge that there are the RIGHTS of a BEAST, as well as the RIGHTS of a MAN. And because man is considered as the Lord of this lower creation, he is not thereby licensed to infringe on the rights of those below him, any more than a King, or Magistrate, is licensed to infringe on the rights of his subjects. (Herman Daggett 1791)--


  1. What sickening cruelty committed by that 'person'. I read those links and was appalled at what he'd done. Don't these corporations realise that by throwing money this evil persons way, they are in a way, endorsing his past actions. Sick.

    Powerful video too.

  2. Oh well done Dixxe for highlighting the evil practices of this vile man who I am glad to say I had never heard of! I'm afraid I daren't watch the video, I do hope something can be done to put this despicable person where he belongs, in the wilderness without a penny/cent to his name.

    Re previous posts: Congratulations on your fabric business, you are so artistic! Also I hope your Mum is still doing well, it sounds like she has coped well with recent difficulties.

  3. I totally agree. Thanks for the link to the Eagles. I'll let them know how I feel.


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