Thursday, August 13, 2009

This week

We have rain, no complaints here 'cause we can never get enough rain...The dogs are sleeping on the screen porch since they cant run and play and I think they need to spend more time outside!
I'm working on a new line I hope to be able to sell...Gotta make money for the "kitty"
Ive been all morning trying to get images on my design website of my latest work a new line.

I sell my designs to fabric manufactures...if they license the work Im credited as the designer...I saw on Studio E they didnt have my bio up so I wrote to them and they said..HMMM where is it--so Ive been told they are working to get that rectified. So if I sell a design rights with no license it becomes the property of that manufacturer and my name will never be associated with it..So thats the 2 ways I can earn income as a fabric designer. The other hard part is getting the design to repeat properly! Fabric is created in repeats--every so many inches the design repeats. Many times my designs are sent back to be reworked because the repeat is off by as much as a hair and that wont work!! It has to be perfect! Thank goodness for Photoshop. I use 7.0 to do my work.

The rights buyout gives me money immediately but is not always the way to earn the MOST money...a license gives me 5% of the wholesale price so if you have a real good seller I can earn more. Either way I still have not earned enough to call this my main source of income--I know people think if you are getting royalties you are getting rich..WRONG! Now if you sell millions yes--but most of the time it doesnt work that way. Anyone who has ever published a book will tell you that too. My first royalty check from the proceeds from the sell of my book was $3.85 LOL...

Anyways thats what Ive been up to this week...WORKING-- In a design like this one that has many elements scattered around --they like to say tossed--I have to create many small designs and those become stand alone images linked by layers of color. Each Color has to be on a separate layer. So in the image above its made of about 9 layers and 9 colors! The max I can use is 16! There are a lot of parameters I have to keep in mind when creating a design. Some simple designs will have only 1 color used in various %Opacity.
So thats the image I created as Main character up there-- Cleopatra!
Here is link to Cleopatra's Court for those with curosity--
I may be adding some solids later to the collection if I get any interest from a buyer!
I have started my Vacation Countdown...20 days!


  1. I never knew there was so much work involved in fabric design. Must be very rewarding to see it all finished.
    Hope Cleo is good for you. :)

  2. I know all about how difficult it is to make any big amount of money with something you've created. I like the Cleopatra designs. Very nice indeed.

  3. Thank you both for your encouragement! AlL I can do is try--and just maybe favor will bend my way!


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