Friday, September 24, 2021

Fall Equinox


So we had a rainy week...followed up by a cold front...So welcoming is the cold front! On the last day of rain I had six visitors to my plot of land..

                           A small herd of Does with some yearlings mixed  in...

They are either eating acorns or ripe Persimmon that fell on the ground 

Then finally the SUN...

I ran into a Long Tailed Skipper this is the time of year I look for them.  This one was in super fine condition..

Cute Carolina Chickadee eating some seed up in a tree...

Some good Camouflage going on here...

Green Anole
Green Anole

These Geese look as if they are floating in grass, but there is water down under the grass, deep enough for them to swim in 

Fall Color is quickly taking over....

Here's a young Chipping Sparrow 

I always enjoy the color of the Sassafras Leaves in Fall they turn a brilliant pumpkin orange..

It's been a good year for Eastern Wood Pewee...

And this Poke Berry Bush has been pretty much stripped clean of the berries, Lovely Chartreuse color!!

I headed to the WLR to relax and enjoy the sunshine and I forgot to grab any food...something I havent done in a gas station food!! Not vegan but I found a slice of Veggie Pizza and an Orange Soda with SUGAR! 

On the way up there I stopped at a cemetery and photo'd two headstones, and there was some Nuttal's Sensitive Briar in there...

If you touch the frilly leaves, they fold up! It has something to do with tugour of the's cool to watch I tried to make a video can you see how the leaves fold up when I touch it?

It's a little tough to see the plant is very close to the ground and it has sharp briars on the I was touched gingerly...

Golden rod

And normally I see crows swooping and attacking hawks, but this one was chasing one of the regular crows that hang out around my homestead...he looked pretty serious! The photos were taken thru the glass so the focus is a little soft...

Yellow eye, well defined streaks, flat head...

As far as I can tell it's a Coopers Hawk, she was after the cardinals in a bush my feeder birds better beware.  
We are supposed to have some awesome weather for the next 4 or 5 days, Im really happy about that. 

Every day is a new Adventure.


  1. I like the Autumnal colours too. When you look at nature and its colours you can often see where textile designers get their colour patterns from. Its a calm
    time of year really, where wildlife just feed up ready for the winter or a long journey. Enjoy your week.

    1. Hi Dave, Autumn is my favorite time of year for color...all the golds and oranges and Seed Heads I really enjoy seeing also. SOON our winter birds will arrive, it's just so nice to be coming out from under the oppressive summer heat and's like Im on Parole. Hope your weekend is fun.

  2. Hello,
    We had lots of rain and now we have the nice cooler weather. Little bits of fall colors are starting to appear. Love the Long-tailed Skipper, the Chickadee and Wood Pewee are cuties. Great shots of the geese with the egret. Great capture of the Hawk, I hope your feeder birds are safe. Take care, have a happy weekend!

    1. Hi Eileen, we had the same thing with all the rain now it's beautiful and im itching to get things done outside so today Im getting busy! Thank you for your comment I hope you have a great weekend.

  3. We are getting a great break in the weather here. So many hummers fighting at the feeder so I hung a second one but you know it doesn't matter how many you put out they still fight, LOL. The mornings are so cool I'm in heaven. So I know you really enjoyed the sun when it finally came out and the lower temps. Your trip to a park to get some great pictures and the begining of the fall colors, beautiful!

    1. Hi Jo, yep the hummer have been very hungry this summer. I have one hanging on but expect her to leave this week...way too cool and the overnights will be dipping into the 40's before we know it...
      Im glad you enjoying your mornings ME too...been having to drag out the flannel and it feels really fine. Enjoy the day!!

  4. Absolutely Fantastic Photos Here - What A Post - You So Rock


    1. Thank you kindly Travis, Im envious of your hot tub views...enjoy it while you can..

  5. Here in my part of the UK we've had some nice September days, and it has been lovely to get out and about.

    I enjoyed seeing your photographs, especially that hawk.

    Enjoy these last few September days.

    All the best Jan

    1. Hi Jan, and thank you....Its so nice to just have windows open and feel the chill in the air, it's time for that extra blanket on the bed! TC.

  6. It must be nice to get a break in the weather and it not be so hot/humid. Very cool to see the Hawk, we get Sparrowhawks in the garden, one left behind a pile of plucked feathers from a Starling right in front of the window last week and I missed it! It's good to see the hints of autumn in your post.

    1. Hi Pam, I was glad the hawk didn't get the cardinals in the bush, but also glad to get a quick shot of her too...such a keen eye Im sure she had success in some other bush hopefully not one of my yard birds. The change of the season is so welcoming...this are seems to be returning to the tropics in 100 yrs the ocean will probably be right here on my place!!


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