Friday, May 7, 2021

Bumpy Week

This has been a weird week....Like a black cloud hanging around...
Annie had to go to the vet with an anal sac abscess.  It scared me since she had a tumor removed from that area in 2016.  She is on Meds for 20 days...and she is doing well so far. 

nothing better than a roll in the grass..

 Before that I took them swimming and Flossie got stuck in Quick Mud...and was really lame for a few days; more lame than usual.  I had to get myself stuck in order to get her out and  destroyed my favorite flip flops in the process,  ah dang!

Tuesday we had a really strong storm lots of wind took out our electric and one of my tall bird houses,  Blue Birds had a nest build going on, so I put it back up on Wednesday morning  and  they are trying to get it fixed up again...felt sorry for all the hard work they did.  I was able to save most of their nest work...but it was a little topsy-turvy

 they worked sooo hard all day. 

So not a good way to begin the week...but it got a little better..

went one day with the bike, and that was the best day of this week...

The red line is my track out and back...and this photo below was taken in the area at the tip of the lake

Riding and birding too...I find that  birds don't flush away as fast as when Im on foot or in my that is cool.  

A buckeye butterfly 

A Solitary Sandpiper poked around in the mud by the lake edge...and later I found a second one...

The Dutch Iris at Martin's Lake

Tree Swallows seem to be interested in this Wood Duck Box..

The Spotted Sandpiper was there also 

Up in the trees an Eastern Phoebe waits for me to pass by..

And the Red Eyed Vireo tries to hide up in the shadows...

A Great Blue Heron stands tall at the back of the lake...

I rode along the road from the photo blind parking down the road and to the lake making stops at key spots along the way and that worked out really great. 

An Acadian Flycatcher posed for me quickly...

And the Yellow Rump's are so beautiful in their breeding plumage

Back at the homestead, the mother's day cactus is doing her thing...our friend Nettie, who passed last year, gave this plant to me years ago, So happy Mother's Day Mom and Nettie,

And I put the Knock Out Roses in the ground they are doing good so far

the Carolina Wren was in the front yard.

And these two Downy Woodpeckers had some sort of stand off going on...

And this was the lightest moment of the week, a male who pulled out all the stops to try and impress the love of his life...

House Finch's Love Dance

I think she handled it like a mature 

Every day is a new Adventure.


  1. Hello,
    I hope your doggies are recovering well. I love seeing all the pretty wildflowers, the Dutch Iris. What are the others, the orange-red daisy like blooms? Great birds sightings, I've been seeing some warblers moving through. Cute Finch video. The Mother's Day Cactus is beautiful! Happy Friday, enjoy your weekend!

    1. Hi Eileen, the orangey red is Blanket Flower or the real name is Gaillardia, it does grow wild in open grassy areas like the prairie. I don't see much of it here but occasionally. Thank you for the visit, and have a good Mom's day.

  2. Fantastic camouflage on the Spotted Sandpiper. I've noticed that birds dont fly away when you're on the bike, it hardly makes a noise and there are no vibrations.
    Lots of nice flowers too Sondra.
    We've had some very un seasonal weather recently, we've been away in the van and it was very cold sleet and hail stones, not what you expect in May.

    1. HI Dave, so happy you got a chance to travel...I know you were ready for some get aways...The birds seem curious about the bike so they hang a little longer to get a look n see. AND I am enjoying it so much. Hope you get some warmer days.

  3. Hope Flossie is well on her way to complete recovery. The thought of being stuck in quick mud gives me heebie jeebies. I’m shaking still all the way here in Oregon.’s so neat that the birds don’t worry about you when you’re on your bicycle.

    1. Hi Sallie it was so crazy, I was splashing water on Annie and Flossie was messing around the edge of the pond only a few ft away and suddenly she was just sinking! I ran over and grabbed her by the scruff and pulled her out but I got stuck and it sucked my shoes off...And one strap broke when I pulled it out so what good is one good shoe>LOL so in the trash Happy Mom's day to you..

  4. Awesome pics and so happy Annie is doing better!

    1. Hi SIS, thank you, so far it's improving but not as quickly as I had hoped it would, hope she doesnt have to go back it still feels lumpy when I palpate it.
      I saw your lovely Avocet and Clark's Grebes shots!!

  5. Ruff start to your week but it sure got better at the lakes. Hope Annie heals fast and no complications arise

    1. HI Jo, it was a tough week bad things come in 3's they say...It did get better, so far Annie is doing better.

  6. I hope Annie is still on the mend and Flossie is moving better, what a week you had. At least you were able to get out on the bike, lots to see as usual. The Finch does not seem impressed at all does she :D

    1. Hi Pam, that female Finch just sat there showing NO enthusiasm for his come on

  7. Sorry to read your week didn't start too well, I do hope that both Annie and Flossie are doing much better now.

    You've shared some lovely photographs and that finch video ... poor male he did try didn't he!

    All the best Jan

    1. Hi Jan, thank you kindly...the dogs have both improved Annie is having some flatulence but otherwise doing good, Floss has mended up about as good as she gets with her old ACL injuries, at 13 they are 91? In human years? So a couple of old gals...IM so happy to have them in my life.


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