Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Game Plan

My February birding is off to a slow start so I plan some sort of strategy .  Got my Wild Turkey flock...right where they should be...BAM and the next day another flock....ebird said that's a large number for this time and location, BAM photo showing all 27 take that!! First new add for the month!

 followed by the Loggerhead Shrikes, 3 to start with then BAM 2 more for a total of 5 so far this week.  Two of them only 2 tenths of a mile down my road!

..and even got his call on video, not the best due to the distance he was away but it's the first time I've actually heard one call! Very hard to hold the zoom still...

loggerhead shrike call

Spring has hit us and I hope the rest of the plants and flowers will hold off because we know it's only a tease, ANY kind of weather could arrive without warning. 

This month our Challenge is a photo.  That's a tough assignment with my camera in it's current condition! (focusing issue) BUT I will submit 2 of something end of the month.  

got this pine warbler n BLUE sky pretty decent

So my strategy is to make a list of what is coming via the migration and to look at my past sightings that were within my radius and hope I can find it there again, and I could check other birders lists by species to see what they are finding.  

This is one my locations...the road was freshly graded, but that makes it soft and easy to get stuck "knock on wood".  The Throughfare Branch runs here so it's kind of a good spot to check for Prothonotary Warbler soon.

Here is the branch if you listen carefully you can hear the rushing water, it is swampy so many warblers love this type habitat...only saw the Pine in there on this trip but more will come (I hope)

the throughfare branch

I came across this old cabin in Quadrant Two of my 5 MR...looks like it has been here a while eh?

One contender put it this way, a 5 Mile Big Year and actually that is what it is! Wow.  Some of my def reliable birds will come nest right here in my yard so that will be easy.  Others will be sheer luck if they show up again where they have in the past.  So a game plan is in the making.

This Blue Jay was having a shouting match with one on the other side of the road don't know if you can hear the whole squawk fest, it's so wonderful to be a witness!! 

fussy Jay

I decided to make my photos bigger since you can't click and enlarge, so a bit sticks under the edge of the right margin, but I think I like it.
Until next time... 
All things come to an end....Tioga George passed away and David of the Direction of Our Dreams lost his long battle , and last May Lynn of Winnieviews lost her battle also....I respected each of these bloggers who didn't give up on life just because it got tough.  RIP and my condolences to the families.   

Every day is a new Adventure.


  1. Great job on all the videos. Your camera is still taking great pictures. You saw and lots of birds on this trip.
    I was just talking to Sue of the MOHO about how long it's been since we saw any post from Sherry figured it wasn't good.

    1. Hi Jo, yes I have been checking both for a while and I figured Sherry was at home in VA but I didn't know David had taken a bad turn,,,,really sorry to hear, and George was a complete surprise, I don't know any details of what happened to him he was in the middle of a box van build! we never know when our last day will come.

  2. I love the shot of the wild turkeys. Your camera focused well as you have got the birds eyes perfectly in focus. In fact I think the lens on your camera is better than my Canon sx720 and you certainly have a steadier hand than me when filming.
    Its interesting to see you local area and thanks Sondra for the bigger pictures. All the best.

    1. Thanks Dave! I like the bigger format photos and it doesn't bother the side bar much...I would def by this same camera again! It's almost indestructible! I dropped it on concrete a 3 ft drop just last week...and it's still a clickin'. LoL

  3. I'm enjoying reading your updates for this, i'm looking forward to what turns up for you, it's looking good for the Warblers :)

    1. What has been fun is to make the ordinary extraordinary again! I almost feel like it's date if that makes sense...Im scarfing down some coffee and Im out the door, its back to cold weather tomorrow I've heard so I hope it pushes more birds back down south!

  4. Hello, love the turkey, Pine Warbler and the Shrike. They are all great birds and sightings. I have trouble getting your videos to work on the blog. Happy Birding.
    Happy Thursday, enjoy your day!

    1. Rats, let me see if I can do anything to make them work!

    2. My new Hosting Flickr when I upload if I don't think to make it Public it is made Private, hope that makes the Videos work. I tried uploading here to blogger but they are soooo small...let me know if it's a continuing problem I'll host them on you tube. Thank you for letting me know Eileen.

    3. I have just returned from Costa Rica and had a brutal drive home from the airport. Your pictures remind me just how much further ahead you are towards spring than we are. It will be a while yet before we see our first warblers.

    4. Hi David, I'm on my way to read your first report now...We had 82 yesterday hit a record, then today high was 50! Welcome back February.

  5. Your birds are wonderful as always but this post it is the daffodils that made my heart beat faster! I thought it would be another month before I started getting envious of those of you who get real spring flowers! (Jealous, but glad when people share, otherwise I’d never see them. And I get it, that it is only fair winter, no early spring!)


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