Sunday, December 23, 2018

2018 is almost History...

Well another year has come and basically gone...I have mixed emos of this year...I do have some fond memories from it, tons of small moments of awesome-ness...and then there is the big was rather bleak...sorry to be a realist but that is who I am. It's rare that I'm down and out but I have been down this year for sure.  So many things just went the opposite of plans.  Some good comes from that as now my Mom will be returning home since Rocky Mountain High living does not agree with her respiratory issues!  Isn't she gorgeous? My Sis took this photo and I embellished it My mom has always been a beautiful woman...inside and out. If only I could be more like her.....still having Mom in my life is the best part of this year. 

Highlights of the year was the travel I did early in spring to TX I almost feel as if I had to pick another state to live would be TX...just for the landscape and the birds alone, it is such a diverse environment...but then there is the politics of TX...*sigh*

                                                        Davis Mtn SP TX Hill Country

                                                           Sea Rim SP Gulf Coast

and New Mexico

                                                    Organ Mtn rec Area Southern High Desert

and AZ, meeting friend Jo, 

                                                      Salt River Canyon north of Globe, AZ

                                                   Madera Canyon Sunrise Green Valley AZ

and then on to spend time with the family in CO. 

                                                             McInnis Canyon Western CO

 We made the decision to bring Mom home, then somehow plans got twisted and we forgot what the whole point of the exercise was,,,,but now we'll soon be back on track.   I had every intention of making it to 500 birds this year and I know I could have done it, if not for the rug being yanked.  

I sure had a great spring, and then the slow trip back home, along Poudre de Lac River 

and the awesome views and birds of the Colorado Rockies...

GOOD stuff!

Sandhill Cranes With Chicks 

Wild Horses Sand Wash Basin

Strom on the Mesa

Canada Jay Grand Mesa 

Burrowing Owl  

Rifle  Mountain Park Fish Hatchery

Rifle Falls

There is no end to the beauty out there..

I did have a few highlights back here at home I nabbed up the Swallow Tailed Kite...

And the White Cheeked Pintail 

.then the summer and fall brought hard times to me and the family we lost one...And Grief was the way I ended the year...

John we miss you so....

So in closing

I added 32 new birds to my life list, and it was so much fun just looking for them!! I hope 2019 will bring more peace into my life, and my family's's not there yet but I think progress is slow but coming.  The political trend in this country has left a sour feeling inside me and that has affected my view of the people who live in this country.  I think the majority of them are good people who care about each other and our World...then there is those others....
I honestly hope for a better year in 2019!  

It is my wish that all of you have a wonderful New Year full of
Peace, Goodwill,  and Hope!

Every day is a new Adventure.


  1. Its really been an up and down year for your Sondra, and even for us realists the acceptance of things that happen can be hard, but after all we are human. Looking back on your blog there were many good and exciting events and here's hoping that 2019 will bring you some more. So all the best over the festive season and as always I'll look forward to your posts and videos in 2019.

    1. Thank you Dave, it's been such a pleasure reading your comments and your blog, sharing ideas and friendship I still have a lot to go through in life, no one escapes the low points, I hope to deal with it better in 2019! My very best wishes to your and family.

  2. Beautiful shots! Here's hoping 2019 brings you many good things.

    1. Thank you kindly and I appreciate your visit.

  3. Hello, your Mom is beautiful. It is wonderful you will have your Mom home again. Beautiful scenes and images from the past year. You did some great traveling and saw some awesome birds. Merry Christmas to you and your family. I wish you all the best in 2019, Happy New Year!

    1. Thank you Eileen! It has been a great year of sharing on the blogs, you have shared some awesome birds and locations with us, and I enjoyed them all!

  4. It has evidently been a difficult and trying year for you in so many ways, and I hope that 2019 will bring stability and a renewed faith in the good things in life. The political situation in your country is beyond what any of us could have imagined, and I fear it may have changed the political dynamic forever. Just be sure that Trump never even has a chance at a second term! All the best for Christmas and the New Year.

    1. I already inquired into immigrating to Canada, too expensive! But one could get up there for most of the year...Trump has tried to systematically destroy the world we know. Since I came up in the grass roots movement of pushing liberal ideas into the headlines, it is especially disturbing to me to see him and his try to undo the progress of 5 decades!

  5. Things will surely look better and be better next year. Think positive.

    While this holiday has been taxing and I can't wait for it to be over I am enjoying my time with most of my family. First on my list is get a better internet comp. Only 2 of your pictures are opened uck. Your mom is adorable and the job you did getting her all festive is great.

    Now to see if when I wake up tomorrow I'll find a conversion van in my driveway. What do you think?
    It was great spending the afternoon with you at Madera Canyon, AZ. To bad we didn't think ahead about it being Easter Weekend and no place to park. Have a wonderful Holiday Sondra!

    1. Hi Jo, our holiday is so small with everyone away that it has been easy peasy last night we had a fire pit and some pizza and beer, today I will cook, the dogs just got their Christmas hard biscuit and Casey threw his up...poor little guy he is okay but he is declining so fast these days I'm happy just to get him to eat. I hope to return to Madera and try again for some of the birds I missed out on, and hopefully it won't be on any holiday!!

  6. Belated Holiday Wishes, but never too late to wish you happiness in the coming year nor to thank you for sharing both the joy and sorrows of life... and for expressing your dismay about our politics so well ...I share that dismay, but leave it out of blogging both because I’m not very good at writing about how I feel and also because I need to work on staying positive and not sinking into that black hole. Happy Days to your mom (and I hope her travels were safe). She is indeed lovely , and I can understand how high*=and dry Colorado would be hard on her ...I don’t have her health issues, but whenever we visit our son and DIL it takes us a while to learn how to breath there. (*the altitude! I’m talking about the altitude ))!)

    1. Everyone arrived safely today! Mom is confused she somehow got it in her mind she was getting a new so a bit dismayed when she saw she was in the same old Have to laugh even tho it's not all funny. Yes Im watching the blundering fool reek havoc on our economy, our environment, and our place in the world...I can't wait till Jan 3rd and the new House puts some knots in the tail of the dragon!

  7. It's amazing how even when you've had a rough year you can put together a post like this and show off all the cool things you've seen. Glad your mom is safe at home, I hope the transition goes smoothly. Cheers to the new year! Hope you find it more peaceful.

    1. Thank you Jen, I wish I could be a completely open book and share all the emotions I've been through this year but some things are best left unsaid...I have to reach out to what brings me joy and helps me through the rough is what I cling to and strive for. Thanks for all your comments and your friendship!

  8. It's been quite a year for you, I've followed along with your beautiful posts and envied the places you visit! I do hope 2019 brings peace with your family life and that your Mum settles well. My best wishes to you for the upcoming year :)

    1. Hi Pam, thank you so much for your encouragement and your wishes I surely do appreciate it! I'm looking forward to the future with hope and one thing is for sure my Mom is one of the most loved of people...and even in her state of confusion she knows she is loved.


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