Saturday, December 30, 2017

It Was Memorable!

I wanted to do a year end post but honestly my year WAS SO BIG I couldn't pin it down!! It was an insane year for me! I had so many new experiences, and visited so many fantastic places where to begin?  
I camped 35 days in 8 different states! Traveled about 11,000 miles, roughly. 
Spent the spring in TX seeing all those fantastic birds, and camping on the beach, and at San Padre National Seashore, driving along the gulf coast, and the Rio Grand River peering over into Mexico then to Big Bend, and Guadalupe Mountain NP, visiting Carlsbad Caverns NP and watching the bats fly out of the cave,  the Alien Museum of Roswell NM, the Billy the Kid Museum, the Route 66 Museum...and then spending the Summer in Colorado...the absolutely gorgeous landscapes, animals, birds, wild rivers, and scenic vistas...the perfect day trips, the family picnics, the great hikes we could it not be memorable?  Colorado just explodes with beauty...then all too soon my 2 months there were over and it was time to return home.   I took the scenic route...camping in Rocky Mtn National Park, listening to the bugling of the elk as the Rut was under way...then Kansas's National Tall Grass Preserve, finding the Chalk Pyramids...I explored or camped in so many State Parks I lost count,  along with visits to dozens of National Wildlife Refuges, Birding Centers, all the while witnessing some EYE Popping beautiful landscapes from the Mountains to the Sea.The cherry on top was I worked hard and added 77 birds to my life list when I decided to buckle down and move it forward! The first life bird in 2017 was the Nashville Warbler in Lee County, AL, and the last one Eurasian Wigeon in Green Pond, SC (yesterday).  Not like a Big Year in the true sense but for me it was huge!   I also completed some DIY projects too! 

So it's My Most Memorable list of 2017:

1.   Most memorable day in 2017...

...was wallowing in the mud with my sisters at Rifle Gap State Park, Colorado, when we decided to go tube floating.  We are all in our 60's and yes we put on swimsuits and slogged through knee deep mud to float on tubes in murky water! What a hoot! Later found the path we should have taken to avoid the

                           Labor Day  picnic and  our towels drying on the fence afterwards 

2.  Most memorable photo of the year...

my Mom and I enjoyed so many awesome mornings on the deck of sis's CO house overlooking the mountains and the valley below drinking coffee and watching the sun rise, I treasure each of those morning memories...



                                                                     July 10th

3.  Most memorable encounter in 2017

...while hiking a trail on the Grand Mesa Lakes in Colorado and coming face to face with this guy:


                                                    July 20, a Pine Marten

4. Most memorable Camp Spot of the year:

...has to be Sea Rim State Park, Sabine TX.  I really hope they are able to recover from the horrid hurricane season of 2017. 

                                               sea rim state park beach Texas, camp April 19

5.  Most Memorable Bird Find: the Red Crossbill I hunted all summer and thought I had not seen until I got home and saw the photos on my computer screen...

                         Sept 14th Routt National Forest, Meadows Campground, Grand Co, CO

6.  Most Memorable Surprise of 2017

Was when the Bull Moose camp trotting through the tourists at the Maroon Bells Wilderness,  and right past us...awesome moment...


                                                                 Sept 6

7:  Most Memorable Project:

Hands down the shed building done with the help of my sis Em! 


                                                                  ta-da! April 15th

8:  Most Memorable Hike:

Is the most recent where my sis M and I found the last falls on Slickum!  

                                 Dec 2nd, hike to the last falls on Slickum Creek

 9:  Most Memorable Sunrise


                                                         Hogback Sunrise.  Garfield Co. CO Sept 7 

10:  Most Memorable Neighbor:

 This sweet California Spotted Ground Squirrel who was out there enjoying the same sunrises that I did at Deer Run.

                                                                        hello friend

11:  Most Memorable Wildflower 

...wild Columbine on a south facing slope in CO... Land's End Road, Grand Mesa.


12.  Most Memorable Scenic Drive:

The Switchback gravel road coming down off the Colorado Grand Mesa via Land's End.

                                                  July 20

13:  Most Memorable Moon:

This full moon with the smoky haze from fires to the north left me spell bound!


                                                                                  Sept 5 

 14.  Most Memorable Character:

The photo says it all..

                                                     in my homemade bird feeder

 15:  Most Memorable Artwork:

There is a dreamer in each of us, I hope that no one forgets that each person's dreams fulfilled become the memorable moments of their lifetime and anyone who would begrudge someone of that...well... is despicable.
2017 was definitely a memorable year for me... now I dive headlong into 2018...I have to wonder what awaits, and I can only hope it's memorable!

                                             SO get out there and start making those memories!

Every day is a new Adventure.


  1. Don't you wish you could have helped that Pine Marten remove those quills? I always feel a great sense of sadness when I see injured animals we are powerless to help. They can't make an appointment with the doctor and often their disability signals a short end to their life.

    1. Yes...but I didn't see the quills till I saw my photo blow up on screen..I hope since it was only 2 he can scrap them off his face life is such a fragile existence and could be shortened by such a simple thing such as that.

  2. Such a great year you had and I enjoyed every moment with you through your blog. I can't thank you enough for such a wonderful year through your eyes.

    Can't wait to see whats next in 2018,

    Happy New Year Sondra!

    1. Jo I can't begin to tell you how much I enjoy your interaction and support it keeps me motivated and inspired! I hope your goals and aspirations are all fulfilled this year! Happy New Yrs!

  3. It was a great year for you and I too enjoyed it all. Its always exciting when I see that there is a new post from you and always a joy to read. So along with your other fans I'm looking forward to your adventures in 2018. Have a happy new year.

    1. Dave your comments help me in so many ways always encouraging and you have such an eye for detail that I sometimes miss in my flurry to share. Taking the time to recall the route I'm on is just one example. I can see how much that helps a reader to actually "share" the experience! Best wishes to you in the New Year!

  4. You have really made it happen this year! I have loved following along on your adventures even though I don't always comment. You've seen some amazing places this year, I can't even imagine how amazing next year will be for you. I'm so happy that all your traveling dreams have been coming true. Peace and love to you in 2018!

    1. HI Jen! Thank you so much for inspiring me to go the extra mile, I mean slogging through cold water up to your knees if that is not dedication than nothing is! You inspired me to get on track with using the new media to improve my experience, using ebird I am not always ready to embrace technology! It makes me feel so good inside when I read your blog, and I know there are good people out there to carry on and protect what is so special to me and to you, the natural world...I think of you as carrying the torch! I can't wait to see what awesome bird you will share with us next! "Here's to enriching our lives in 2018".

  5. Hello, Wow you have been to some great places. The parks in Texas are on my bucket list. Your photos are all gorgeous. I love to travel too and I really enjoy this post. It gave me some ideas and places to put on my list. I wish you all the best in 2018, Happy New Year to you and your family.

    1. I have enjoyed connecting with you and your awesome blog! When you get to Texas you won't be disappointed! Unfortunately the weather seems to have declared war on them with the hurricanes, floods, fire, and snow! I know Nature will regain her ground but it will be changed. I travel on a shoestring budget sometimes its more like spider expect anything. I wish you a year filled with new experiences, Happy New Yrs!

  6. What a lovely post, your moments are certainly memorable, i'm pleased to have found your blog earlier this year, it's been a joy to see the US through your eyes and to see the birds too of course!

    Happy New Year to you and yours :)

    1. Pam, I am happy to have found you also! You are adding to my life experience by sharing all the awesome birds of Britain I will probably never see with my own eyes otherwise, and I can relate to passing the love of nature onto your daughter and sharing your adventures together. I enjoy your walk to work, what a great way to start the work day! I'm looking forward to reading all your new posts! "Happy New Yrs to you and your family."

  7. a beautiful post. Thanks for sharing. :)

    1. Thank you for reading and leaving a nice comment!

  8. Loved this review! I'm sure your 2018 will be just as memorable!!! For sure about the last picture!

    1. Yes to crush someone's dream by not allowing them to be where they want/need/should be is just wrong on every level!


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