Sunday, May 28, 2017

A Sunset Desert Hike

Out of the campground is the Rio Grande Nature Trail.  It begins here...

Across this marsh was a little dry but with some rain I could almost see ducks enjoying this marsh as some guide books had mentioned looking for waders.

the trail meanders along the edge of the marsh to start it is listed as an easy hike, then it does a little climbing...up to an overlook area...

a lot of turkey vultures sailed over this saddle

Looking back to the Rio Grande

The claret Cup Cacti again, I think it is my favorite!

It seems when once you get a sunset started everything changes dramatically...

I got the corner of my hat in sooo many of my photos... but this is real life...

the trail begins going up here...

 and curls around the edge of the hill and you can view the river from the other side..

up the river spur trail joins the overlook trail 

then this caught my eye down by the water....far away so I zoomed the camera as much as possible...

I have narrowed it down to either Black Hawk, or Zone Tailed Hawk and have been flip flopping back n forth ...either one is new to me! Wish I could have seen his tail that would have helped me the area under the eye looks light...I'm hoping someone (Jen) will help me figure it  I need help!

I totally want a cacti garden in my future...they catch the light so well

I don't think cholla, or ocotillo would grow in SC but we have Prickly Pear it grows great in the area where I live.

the bridge over the marsh on the right 

Another good night in camp and my plan is to move to the other side of the park tomorrow. 

Eleanor Roosevelt: You must do the thing you think you can not.


  1. Love the sunset pictures. This really is Cormack McCarthy country.

    1. It sure makes one appreciate the desert landscape the beauty of a mostly hostile environment.

  2. The clouds sure made for a gorgeous sunset. Love the way sunset even sunrise casts beautiful shades and shapes over the landscape.

    1. They sure do Jo, the low dip of the sun makes everything look different!

  3. Stunning skies... and makes me miss the desert landscape.

    1. I really love the desert and it is amazing how many states in our lower 48 have deserts in them!


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