Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Dreaming of Pink Cars

Jimmy's surgery went perfectly and he is now in the 2 weeks of reduced exercise and recovery process.  He is doing great. Just a fat tumor nothing to worry about so that is good news. Mom got the news her fractured arm is now healed so she is trying to resume a more normal life.  The weather has warmed up some; we had a cold spring.  A lot of our spring bloomers got frost bitten, the dogwood trees are trying to open up now.   

 The "shed"  is coming to a slow conclusion, what a long drawn out project.  I bought my x out in 2011, I started the make over of the house in January of 2012, then it came to almost a halt in the fall of 2013 when I had the accident, and finally I moved into the house in 2016.  The actual shed project sort of started back here.  Jun of 2013, four years ago when I demolished the east end that I called the Old Greenhouse.  
It was November when I started to rip down the rest of the old shed and salvage what I could to reuse.  This cut the cost of this project by A LOT! It took longer and made it more difficult to build due to using what I had but I recently priced a "site built" shed of  9 x 12, cost $3290.00!!!  I figure my total cost will be 1/6 of that figure and my shed is twice that size.  Of course the site built would have been prettier, and probably just as strong, but it would have been a cookie cutter like so many others this is a one of a kind. Yeah the tin is a little wiggly here and there but it is keeping the building dry.

Now the door has been remade and you guessed it, with wood I salvaged from the old shed.  It's now back in place... my scrap pile has dwindled to almost nothing. The back and sides will be done with exterior wood siding that I have to buy it will be the single most expensive purchase of the whole project.  We put in another skylight in this side too.  We are getting ready to hang the doors on the mower storage side. I wanted to do sliding barn door, but that is way too expensive. The whole thing will look a lot better when it's painted the same color! 

I have plantar's fasciitis! Right foot, OMG the most painful thing I've ever feels like a knife is stabbing the bottom of my's okay-ish in the morning, but by 1:30 or 2 pm pain and limping sends me to my resting spot to put my foot up.  My son taught me some stretches that help, and I roll my foot on a golf ball when I'm watching TV in the evenings... and I'm taking otc pain killers...WHAT caused this? I think going up and down the ladder so much and standing on the narrow little ladder steps with my arch supporting my weight while stretching up and out and in my old worn out shoes!  I see a pattern here with me and ladders!

Story Time:
So since I have to rest my foot in the afternoons, I'm using the time for some intense daydreaming! I've been sitting on the deck nursing an adult beverage, enjoying the bloom of all the dogwood in the front yard, and browsing my Arizona Highways Magazines.   I love every issue and start flipping through the photos the minute I take one from the mailbox! I have subscribed for many years and I keep every issue!  One of my BIG DREAMS is to one day spend an entire winter in AZ and use these books as a guide to do as many of the Scenic Drives as I can. They highlight a particular one in each issue. 

 I imagine myself traveling those dusty roads and capturing wonderful images of the desert, or wandering those rolling hills of sagebrush, camped under large stands of Ponderosa Pines, or admiring the last bits of golden fall color drifted under tall stands of cottonwood trees in the riparian zones.  

Is it silly to have so many dreams? Not that I'm over the hill but I'm def enjoying the view from up here...this issue I read today is the current one, April 2017.  They picked Prescott Lakes Loop in the Prescott NF near the town of Prescott to highlight this month.  The loop winds 26 miles around paved and unpaved roads.   Along the way is Lynx Lake Rec area with 2 campgrounds.  Some cool sights along the way are the Lynx Creek Ruin, a mile hike off the main road and farther down the loop is the Pink Car.  A vintage 30's car that has been there since a Dr. crashed and rolled it off the road way back in 1939.  The forest service painted it Pepto Pink and the road was named the Pink Car Hill Road. It's all right there on page 53.

Eleanor Roosevelt: You must do the thing you think you can not.


  1. Once you get the shed painted it will be a true beauty and yes one of a kind. Good news for Jimmy and your mom which will be a help to you and your sis. But sorry about the foot problem. Hope you can stay off the ladder for a while.

    Where would we be without our dreams. The Prescott area is beautiful and full of history. Hopefully I will have some pictures of the finished camper tomorrow. Not much different from before though.

    1. I look forward to your photos....
      I am so looking forward to NOT having to be on the ladder today it started to hurt by 11 am, I had errands to do today so I didn't work but was at Lowes getting the exterior that was progress!

  2. Drivin' (or not) in a Pink Cadillac....never knew that story. Have you been in AZ at all? I know you have family in Colorado, can't remember if you've talked about traveling there at all (shoot, I can barely remember my own travel adventures off the top of my head).....

    It doesn't even surprise me to hear how long your project has taken -- we pretty much lived our whole lives that way ... always something unfinished -- and, like you, that was before Bill fell off the barn roof ladder. I still get tiny palpitations whenever he mentions climbing on one.

    1. I have been to AZ many times, but always in a hurry with a time limit and not able to just take my time and hit some of the back roads...I am looking forward to getting this project done!!! All work and no fun!!

  3. Thanks, Sondra. I will be in Prescott in 2 weeks and went out and bought the magazine. Can't wait to see the pink car!

  4. HOW exciting, I can't wait to read about your visit! It sounds like a fantastic scenic drive.

  5. How's the foot doing? I think the thin soled shoes are mainly to blame. I know I get something similar if I dont wear sturdy soled shoes. Walking boots are ideal for working on ladders. Have a happy Easter.

    1. Hi Dave, the foot continues to pain me, I did switch to more sturdy shoes, and I upped the MG's on the pain meds! Its in the right foot...others have told me it could take a year to get it right! OUCH.


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