Tuesday, January 31, 2017


It is Spring here! Warm days cool nights. some frost is still in our forecast.  Mom is improving  slowly, Doc says she doesn't need the sling now and it's healing well he wants to see her again in a month. She complains mostly of pain and being uncomfortable...I try to help but make little difference.  She is, in one word, Miserable!  I am, in one word, Exhausted.
 Mentally, not physically. Her Dementia/Alzheimers seems to have tripled since the incident.  Like today she told me she thought she spent t entire day with her cousins. (they have all passed) She was with me right here all day.  Some very strange things are going on in that mind of hers.   While she napped  

I did some work on my shed project I have placed the blocks in a trench I dug out and made as level and straight as it needs to be.  It took about 36 blocks, I had those and more around here... cost so far $0.  I had all these 2 x 6's (above photo) not all the same size, so puzzled out the foundation using what I had.  And then I put down the plywood floor and the back wall is in place, and one side wall is about ready to raise up and the front wall is partially assembled on the ground it will up after the side wall goes up. 

                                 3 sheets of plywood with my Lowe's discount and tax, $123.00

                                           the front framing

...and the BEST news is my older sister (E) has arrived to help out.  Thank goodness I'm now back at my house after 3 weeks of  nearly 24/7 care.

 I'm pretty shell shocked with the stress of dealing with mom and the executive orders flying out of DC-Comics, it has blind sided my January. Lindsey Graham and Tim Scott are my new email buddies, they are both Republican Senators representing SC, and I surely did not nor will I vote for them, but at this point we need them to help us get through this horrible time in the history of our Government. I got some positive feedback some not so positive, but they are at least listening, not like the Whitehouse who has turned off their contact feature, and the phone directs you to the website where the contact feature does not work...so its an alternative universe up there.

Story time - sort of: This time it's a recent event one I hope none of you will have to deal with-

A near miss! My younger sister (M)'s dog Maggie had to be rushed to the emergency vet two weeks ago about 9 pm. Maggie suffers high anxiety when she has to ride in the car...and when she is excited she drinks way too much water...my sister fed her too quickly after  a water drinking episode, and she began to act weird...gagging but no vomit, pacing and restless, in obvious distress...so sis rushed her in and they did emergency surgery within  the hour. She had stomach bloat and a twisted gut!  Her very life was at stake.  She came through very well and is now home recovering...the one clue my sister had was Maggie's belly was bulging to one side.  So I hope this will help someone else save their dog.  It's more common in larger sized dogs, and a good piece of advice for dogs who like to eat too fast is to feed them small amounts say three times a day instead of once or twice, still no guarantee to prevent it.  During the surgery they straightened the stomach then stitched it to the abdominal wall to prevent this happening again.  

Eleanor Roosevelt: You must do the thing you think you can not.


  1. So happy your sister showed up to help out. I know how stressful it can be to take care of our loved ones.
    Your making progress with the shed even through all this trouble.
    Take care and hang in there

    1. I was so happy when she offered to come she said she would stay long enough for me to get my spring travel in too...I don't know when that will happen, but IT"S great to consider!! I won't leave here until her arm is mended enough for her to begin rehab and start using her walker as my sis will need my help through that period.

  2. The Celtic people often regarded the 1st Feb as the first day of Spring.

    All the best with your Mum, as from what friends tell me in similar circumstances it can be very stressful. I can imagine your'e pleased to have your sister there as a problem shared is a problem halved.
    The shed is coming along considering all the calls on your time and once the framework is up I bet you'll see it moving along nicely.

    1. Happy Celtic Spring! Many plants are poised to open up here...
      I am a good care giver but in reality I don't have the right temperament for it...I'm too impatient. When she says "I can get up" I just say, "Yes you can."
      The shed is coming along really good and now my sis helps me while mom naps so with 2 at it, it should go fast. My budget is the only thing standing in the way.

  3. Oh god, I've heard some bloat horror stories. She is lucky to be alive! Glad to hear you got some relief on the 24/7 mom care, that's a lot of work. The shed is looking good!

    1. Yes that Bloat incident scared me cause I have 2 big girls who love to chow down!! I'm just happy my sis didn't hesitate and took her in she saved Maggie's life for sure! My head feels clearer already not having to deal so closely with Mom's issues, but it means my sister is carrying that load, I will spell her when I get a second wind.

  4. Spring is here too. I noticed some buds forming on the trees on our daily walks.
    I sympathise with you and your mums dementia. It can be hard going.
    Glad your sisters dog recovered.

    1. Thank you Keith...I saw your lovely spring photos...and I know soon it will be gorgeous butterflies and flowers!

  5. I am so sorry about your mom -- falls are really horrible -- often causing physical and mental setbacks, I saw this with my mom. I'm glad your sister is there to help ... you need and deserve the break ... remember you have to take care of yourself too. I'm sensing that the physical exertion outside is welcome after what you've been through as sole caregiver.

    Thanks for contacting your reps in DC Comics (such a perfect thing to say about it. Sadly.) We are residents of Blue-State Oregon, so I have felt like writing my congresspresons is not necessary -- they are already doing what they can.

    I have downloaded the information about voting with your pocketbook (boycotting T-friendly sites) but my economic impact is pretty dang small. And some of them, quite a few, I wouldn't buy from anyway. So I wish there was more we could do besides cry.

    1. Sorry I don't always make it back to read comments I should check the notify me box! Duh, and I will try to do that in the future. I'm like you my footprint is only large when I'm traveling and buying gasoline my everyday life does not include being a consumer, I think long and hard about every purchase. It is like an event. Name brands are of little to no importance to me. I would never buy a Trump brand product!


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