Tuesday, November 29, 2016

What's going on

...now that all my fall travel has been blogged about I have no idea what to say except life goes on here as usual.  Before my sis left she helped me make a few things happen, I have a fence to keep my dogs in the yard and somehow the outdoor faucet ended up on the other side of that fence...meaning I had to go outside the gate every time I needed to water the plants..So we moved it back about 4 ft! It was wonderful because I didn't have to spend one dime...had every thing I needed right here.  I do think I will find a stain to unify the fence color.

the fence used to be at the point where the small bird house is, and the rock/plant feature was outside the fence

At the beach I found these chairs thrown out! So I snagged them for my deck! I had plans of finding some Adirondack style,  theses are actually "deck chairs" like on the deck of a ship in a Norwegian Style, They were in very rough shape and we worked all day sanding staining, and sealing them. I Like the result!

 no rails up yet but have been enjoying the deck anyway...I can take my book out on nice days and do a little relaxing!

I've been doing a lot of wood gathering as I am burning wood to partially heat my house! With all the wood that fell in recent storms, I chain sawed it into fireplace size pieces.  So I'm splitting wood, its a my new free Gym Membership! There's lots more deadwood in the woods to pick up so I have plenty to keep me busy. 

AND a BIG project has begun!!


I have this small yard trailer, have had it for many years...it is a workhorse around my yard but one thing that was a big problem was the tires! They were always flat! Tractor Supply had these solid tires! NO more flats to deal with. AND just in time because I have started the old shed rip down, and move!! It is going to be a slow process, as Im moving things out of it, and have to build a new foundation to put it on, It will be moved over about 20 ft...I KNOW it may not make sense but eventually it will...I will try to take lots of photos. 

And here is a photo of the area around the deck I took this shot March 10th 2013, that's before my accident even, notice the overgrown foundation plantings the out of bounds English Ivy, and the out of control shrubs...

Here is that area today....

We cut the Azaleas back pretty hard but they will fill out again in a couple years it looks better, and it is a very good start on getting it to look the way I want it to look. 

Eleanor Roosevelt: You must do the thing you think you can not.


  1. Those chairs look great nice and comfy too. You always so busy and keep the place looking great. I have a few projects in mind for my place now that I finally have my new stairs off the porch. Can't wait to see all the new things you do.

    1. Winter is a good time for me to get underway with this project as it is cool weather. The chairs are very comfy and they are adjustable you can lie back and take a cat nap if you can sit still that long, I have a hard time doing that.

  2. I always find your posts on your projects very interesting and enjoy following their progress, as much as I like your travel posts. Those chairs are good, isn't it amazing what people throw away. I know we're a disposable society but I think its because people dont have the skills or time to renovate /restore.
    That shed project looks interesting, so keep us up to date on that.
    Trailers are worth their weight in gold I had one when we were doing a house up and I put all the rubbish in it and then just took it to the tip when full.
    I envy the space around the house unlike most houses here.
    Remember you said once that you had photos of your house being moved?, now that would be an interesting post.

    1. I have to try and find those photos...get all the old albums out and see if I can locate them. The shed is one my X and I built not long after we moved the house here...it served as a feed storage for the horse till we got a barn built and one time I had chickens in this old shed...BUT then when we added the back screen porch the shed got closer to the house...as it grew so now with the shed in such bad shape I have to basically take it apart piece by piece so I figure I will move it farther away from the house but not so far I have to hike to get at my maintenance equipment.

  3. your house looks so big from outside! And wow you have got a lot done in the pasts few years, especially considering our spent part of it laid up with no hands to use. love that yard furniture, werd what people throw out.

  4. I put up one reply and realized I had the sq ft wrong so I deleted tha one and started over....
    the house is 1800 sq ft, and the screen porch and sunroom addition is 240 sq ft...so its way bigger than I need, when I lived in Brooklyn I lived in a studio that was 400 sq ft for 5 yrs! It was perfect and to be honest when Im living in my van while traveling Its feels soooo cozy I love it, that's what about 40 sq ft? I DO However love my house and I enjoy having all this space even if I don't need it!


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