Wednesday, October 26, 2016

A PACT Between Nations

In Real time last weekend we were finally able to get in the Beach trip and I hope to make a post about that soon, but I really wanted to keep my timeline  in order to finish up the posts I wish to share from my September trip! I was away for 4 days then I ran out of Data uploading all my photos finally did get all the photos I wanted on I hope to get the beach trip on there.  Blogger removed my slideshow that keeps you linked to my Flickr Photo account if you wish to keep up with ALL my photos you can go to 


My camp at Lake Metigoshe way up on the border of Manitoba Canada and Dunseith, ND enabled me to get an early start to visit the International Peace Garden that sits right on the border of our two nations! If you ever get close you should go and enjoy this awesome garden.  It was July 14, 1932 when this Garden was dedicated and this is what is written on the rock cairn that is the dividing center:

I'm sure it depends on the time of year you visit as to exactly what kind of flowers you will see, so this is the fall version, as I was here on Sept, 18th and this is the 49th parallel so they are in plant hardiness zone of it's u-p there! 

I was amazed at the mirror images of the North and South sides of the when you stood on the North side you were in Manitoba, Canada, and on the South side in ND, USA!


I took a million photos or so it seemed...and none do this place justice.   

I hope you can see this is a large hand freeing a dove in the center of the fountain...
following the walkways from the parking lot up to and beyond the sunken garden take you up the hill towards the Peace Towers and the Peace Chapel.

along the way are all sorts of beds full of various plantings...

I liked this peacock with his tail in flowers..

Up on the hill is a tribute Garden to the 9/11 memorial on the South side

this brought back vivid memories for I sat down and cried my eyes out!

the bell Tower is on the North side and it chimes every 15 mins and plays a really nice tone on the hour..

when you finally reach the Peace Towers its fantastic!

However the towers are crumbling so they will be torn down and something as yet undecided will replace them...

The Peace Chapel is right next to the towers ...inside there are quotes lining the walls written on stone...

the grounds around the Peace Garden are spectacular in the natural setting as well...

I enjoyed walking through this archway of tomatoes and greenbeans in the vegetable garden area..

some of the beds had been freshly planted for fall and were not quite full enough to see what the full effect of the blooms will be

and some of my favorites like Sedum were in their glory!  Here it is paired with blue spruce!

You really have to see it for yourself! I left the  garden in the late afternoon after reentering the USA you have to show your passport to get back into the States when you leave the be prepared for that.  There is a very expensive campground at the Garden I did not do that, its is a $15 entry fee well worth it! We drove west to Mohall, ND a small town that was in the middle of the windiest day EVER! I stopped at their fairgrounds to spend the night 

and watched the sun set...

I have found that municipal parks are cheap and can be nearly empty of other campers. This one however was expensive, but it came with a bath house, hot showers, trash cans and Electricity! $20

Casey and I couldn't wait to get out of the wind and move on to the West border of ND and Montana for our next stop!!

Eleanor Roosevelt: You must do the thing you think you can not.

Int. Peace Garden


  1. OH WOW! Absolutely Gorgeous, all those beautiful colors. the one thing that most stuck in my mind (aside from my parents bickering) at the border of Canada and NY where all the beautiful flowers and colors.

  2. The climate seems perfect for growing flowers, short lived but the right amount of sun and water!

  3. What a stunning place Sondra. Excellent pictures.

    1. Hi Keith, I sure enjoyed my day here...and wished my flower boeds could look only half as good as these!

  4. Whenever you go into a Garden of Peace / remembrance there is always an atmosphere of calm and serenity, its as if these places have a particular aura about them.
    I am reading a CJ Box novel set in ND and it certainly gives you a flavour of the climate and countryside.
    I like your videos on Flickr but I'm not sure if I would have filmed the snake. Thankfully we have few snakes here and only one is venomous.

    1. I still don't know which Rattle snake that one is I have not been able to figure it out, Im leaning toward Black Tailed Rattler! BUT trust me he was FAR from me I zoomed in.

  5. Beautiful tour -- I regret that we didn't take time to visit the Peace Gardens when we were in Minnestoa and ND. (There were for a host of reasons that made sense at the time, but now seem dumb.) Your pictures were the next best thing. The landscaping and flowers were incredible especially for that time of year in that Zone

    1. I took sooooo many photos but one can endure only so much of a repetitive image so I tried to pick the ones that I felt relayed the size and depth of this garden.

  6. I love the International Peace Garden. It looks like you visited at a really good time. One time I went too early in the summer and not much was blooming

    1. I bet August is Prime time for the Big Bloom, I was impressed with the size and scale of everything!! We need more Peace Gardens World Wide I'd like to see one between Israel and Gaza, Afghanistan and Pakistan, and Russia and Syria just for starters...


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