Wednesday, May 4, 2016

If you build it they will come, or something like that!

Today a wasp stung my butt cheek!! I have been stung many times before on many body parts,  this one is a of all the luck!  So happy the Summer Tanagers arrived they love to eat wasps!  Birds are so clever, they go where the weather is good and the bugs are a plenty.  We can and should learn from them.

I was busy clearing out a spot where the brush has gotten out of hand...and I probably stepped on a nest....
So much work to do and yet my soul is saying,
"why you working all the time when all you really want to do is ramble"  So while I work I daydream, scheme, and plot my next ramble!

this is the pile of trimmings I worked through it's now loaded on the trailer to haul away

Back in March I asked my sister when she could come over from CO and stay with Mom  and my dogs for a couple months she chose August and September,,,,so I've been day dreaming ever since! It's like a book of blank pages ready to be filled.  

our little water garden 

I don't like to announce plans cause nothing is in stone!! But I can dream it and plan it, and if all goes as planned it will happen!!  I have soooo many bullet points on my list that it would take mine and a few other clones life times to do it all and truth be known way into the future I would never say I'm some point I may have to say I can't go another step due to age, but the wanderlust inside will never be quenched,  never lay  dormant,  and never be let go of.  I have  had it my entire life!  Just looking at one flower makes me want to see all flowers!

rhododendron blossoms 

I had to work and make a living so I had precious jewels of free time in my adulthood and tried to make the best of it! I did however start my rambling quite early...I actually ran away from home at 16! Yep I'm a teen aged runaway but to me I was not running away I was just going on a ramble!  I inherited my rambling gene from my dad...he didn't live long but he rambled his entire life...not exactly good "husband" material when you marry a rambler better be willing to spend long stretches alone!  Unfortunately the gene is all dad left me, so no silver spoon to bankroll my wishlist! I still don't have a pot,  but  be danged neither did my dad!  When I came home from FL this winter and told my Mom I had stopped in St Augustine she said, "oh your daddy went there I recall him talking about that same place." Well ,I'll be!! If only I had known I'd have had a little chat with my dad's spirit while there.  He pretty much stayed in the Southeastern part of the country but he rambled up north too... my baby sister was born in Michigan, after he moved us up there I was 3 then.  

some of the roses in the yard 

Once it's inside of you can  just forget a normal life--it doesn't matter where you are; you dream of being somewhere else!   Lately I've been thinking about my life's time.  I wanted to move to upstate NY, Lake Placid  in the Adirondacks,  mentioned that in my last post comments....when I yearned to get out of NYC.  I had  plans but all that changed when mom got sick and needed I never made it to the Adirondacks, the Finger Lakes Region , like I wanted to do, I did make it to Niagara Falls, Vermont, NH, MA, and ME...and Lancaster Co. in PA.

snow peas and impatient 

 I've been charting my  route for a 60 or so day trip...for late this summer I'm thinking the Laurel Highlands of PA, The Finger Lakes of NY, the Great Lakes and Upper Peninsula of Michigan, around Lake Superior and area of Canada, Isle Royal NP, Lake of the Woods, Boundary Waters in MN, across upper MN, to ND and dropping southwest to the Theo. Roosevelt NP and ...then ??? 

Butterweed ragwort,  wildflowers I scattered the seed last fall this is a noxious weed in Ohio! Here in my yard it's a welcome sight and a native plant!

I've yet to finish charting for the return trip.   I have family in MI, and IN, So maybe drop south from ND,  to  SD and the Badlands I've visited that area before but missed Wounded Knee, and it would be wonderful to visit some WLR's on the plains, and then eventually head southeast through NB and into IN....I applied for a new passport about 2 weeks mine expired back in the 80's! In order to make things real you must live as if it is real and then just do it!!
So there it is!! My "proposed" summer trip plans--

Time...well spent.

Eleanor Roosevelt: You must do the thing you think you can not.


  1. I love it! Can't wait to see how it all works out..

    1. Thank You JEN!! I always enjoy your rambles and the wonderful stuff you share on your blog, Inspiring to me!!

  2. I love the yard pictures the rhododendron is beautiful and your spitting turtleis the cutest. Your plans are a work in progress and I hope it all works out for you.

    1. Hi Jo, I would die inside If I didn't have something to look forward to...I sure hope you can get a summer trip in, I have a feeling you will!!

  3. I dont really like wasps but accept them as they do a lot of good in clearing up etc. What I dont like is that they will sting repeatedly. I can sense your excitement, and hope all your plans come together as it sounds a very exciting 2 months. I look forward to following your adventures and hope you'll give us readers enough details so that I can follow on Google Earth.

    1. I will def do that and try to be correct with my info sometimes I confuse things like I named a river wrong, or in the wrong county and such...I really must be more aware of where I am!! A hornet is the worst sting I've ever had--it hurt for daysss.

  4. You know we share your wanderlust spirit! (Neither of us inherited it though -- we just decided to have it!... but of course we had to wait until we were old and retired to really indulge. (Though we camped and traveled in the west whenever we had time --us and all four kids -- one memorable trip into Canada as far as Calgary -- with all four kids and two Siamese cats. That was an adventure!).

    Keep on dreaming -- your tentative plans sound wonderful; can't wait to hear what you finally decide.

    1. 4 kids and 2 cats...that was quite a trip I bet! I ran my own business for 26 yrs so I would put a -closed till-sign on the door and GO!

    2. I remembered that I'd forgotten to comment on that wasp sting -- hope you are fully recovered. I don't know what I'd do if it hurt to sit down ;>)

  5. We love and so appreciate your know we have it too. There is so much beauty to see and experience. :) Your trip sounds absolutely fabulous and kudos to you for following your dreams no matter the amount of money you have. We don't have a pot either and in many ways, I think we are better for it.


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