Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge

Been off the grid so long I will try to catch up...Merritt Island Wildlife Refuge is chock full of wading birds of all sorts...great place to visit...Im just going to run some photos I took ...
it was quite foggy as I got out early...

the fog makes for great sound enhancements tho...and a beautiful fog rainbow!!


a. avocets in the fog

ruddy turnstones

black skimmers

lesser scaup

white ibis

Roseate Spoonbills

Greater Yellowlegs

glossy ibis

green heron

blue winged teal

black pointe drive

common moorhen

reddish egret


common loon

wood storks

mottled duck

manatee seen down the road from the wildlife drive

snowy egret

and lastly I liked this shot it has so much going on!!

max brewer bridge and the city of Titusville, FL in background in the mist..

Im behind as usual but my next stop is Big Cypress National Preserve!
Hope you are all doing well I'll catch up to your blogs when I have electricity..right now I have about one slither of battery left...

Eleanor Roosevelt: You must do the thing you think you can not.


  1. I think I'll just stop blogging and direct people to yours, because your Florida pictures are so wonderful. I'm envious of your talent, but so happy to share your trip and see our part-time state through your eyes and amazing pictures.

    Keep onn having fun; I hope you got my email -- I'm still bummed we missed you at Flamingo CG (or in Big Cypress for that matter).

    1. me too...I was at BC for 3 nights and Flamingo for 2...I am enjoying all the birds and the scenery but its been a cold wind!!! Had 2 terrific night rain storms at Big Cypress!

  2. OH how I love your pictures. The web is just to cool, I tried to get one a few years ago but it just didn't work like yours. What a great adventure you are having.

    1. The dew made all the spider webs show up like crazy!!

  3. Great pictures, that camera is really good. My favourite is the Green Heron, the focus is spot on, even its eye is perfect. We had a Glossy Ibis not far from here a few weeks ago, probably blown off course from Europe as they are not resident here....far too cold for them. As Jo says it sounds like a good adventure.

    1. Thank you know I had a nice Canon and didn't like it sold it on Ebay and purchased this Panasonic, its not an expensive camera and I can toss it around and not worry about it! It's always fun to hear about a rare bird sighting.

  4. I lived in Jacksonville for five years and didn't see as many birds as you did. Of course I was working them. Great shots !

    1. Thank you....I was very impressed with the sheer numbers of birds at Merritt....and the easy access and yet it didnt disturb the birds at all.


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