Sunday, May 3, 2015

the Perfect Weekend! P. 1

Awesome weekend, the weather was perfect and my friend stayed over, we enjoy lots of the same things...we stopped at Browns RV Superstore where we both decided RV's are way over the top...neither of us was impressed with the fluff, or the price! We stopped and purchased locally grown strawberries, we took a walk around Kalmia Gardens in a small neighboring town...lots of neat flowers to enjoy around the garden section...I took my camera with me as we walked..

                  flowers kalmia gardens  flowers kalmia gardens

                   flowers kalmia gardens                             flowers kalmia gardens

                                                   flowers kalmia gardens     

then along the trail that leads to the boardwalk we found still blooming rhododendron and mountain laurels ...

We startled a barred owl, no photos, but the Yellow billed  cuckoo stopped to take a look at us..

the black creek was looking very inviting! 

and even the fish were up on the surface to enjoy the sunny day...

This tree has the largest wisteria vine I've ever seen going up it...

each one of these twists were the size of my forearm!

after the hike we stopped at an Applebees and enjoyed a meal and drinks followed by shopping at our favorite  small town store...later we finished up the day with a good thriller on SyFy!!
I took so many photos Im gonna make 2 posts!

Eleanor Roosevelt: You must do the thing you think you can not.


  1. I would love that garden. What is that flower right before the rhododendron?

    1. I have no idea, and in the forest they have name tags by trees but in the flower garden they didnt!

  2. You deserved a nice weekend. The flowers are so pretty.

  3. Weird I missed the first post of your great weekend and already saw the second. Thank goodness for Feedly. Cuz the flowers are beautiful and I'd hate to have missed them. I guess Applebee's must have good veg options... I'll have to check that out. We don't always eat right, but I try to find good options when I can.


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