Thursday, March 19, 2015

Latest Projects Update


The last few projects I've had my nose buried in, a rotten corner in the kitchen floor.  You can see water damage that came through the wall from the bathtub in this corner of the kitchen floor...

I cut the hardwood back to reveal the rotted subfloor. (the hardwood was rotten also)

I  cut that out and found a piece of plywood in my scrap pile to fit in there..

I didn't have any more of the 3" hardwood scraps, SO I just went with 4" I had on hand...its in a corner and wont be that visible when everything is in place.

 that took about 3 days of work because on the other side of this wall is the bathroom, and the joist, entire subfloor and the wall Plate was also rotten so A lot of work had to go on the other side of the wall!! The subfloor passes under that wall. That mess of tools is what I needed to do this project, and some not shown!

Moving on....I also put the dishwasher back in place it was never mounted under the sink it sits right beside out fine..

the next is primed and the kitchen walls are primed...a soft yellow paint is planned for the kitchen....I think the flash makes these spots in the photo (could be sheetrock dust particles)   Also got the new light fixture up went with a small track light can see that floor repair in the lower left of this photo.  The dishwasher had an interchangeable front it can be white or almond, we used it on the almond side for years and I dont know why because our stove and fridge were both white!! So now its reversed, the stove is already white, so All white appliances except the microwave is stainless and the sink is stainless..

I don't know if my 'pass thru light box' is gonna stay I may end up closing it back up but I have an idea I wanna try first more on that later,............... the fridge will sit on the right of the dishwasher.  The fridge is a hand me down since the X had tossed the fridge out! He used a college dorm size fridge..he got it in his mind it was too expensive to operate so he tossed it!  So anyways the hand me down one is almond, I need white ---:0/  SO I got some appliance spray paint in white..havent started painting  it yet it's in pretty rough  shape, some rust has appeared on it while its been sitting on the screen porch for  2 yrs! Inside it is in great condition! I will plug it in to be sure it still works before I paint it!  I think it has an ice maker, I can't remember ;O)

BUT I do believe it will paint up nice...I did the stove fan already.

Before it was almond:

AFTER now its white:

This is not a good photo cause I haven't removed the blue painters tape covering  the black strip and the control panel...Ill take another photo for you when its in place in the house!  AND that wont be too long!! 

Monday my 'almost' DIL is coming to help out with some painting while she paints I will be tiling the back-splash!  I can almost see a speck of light at the end of this tunnel!! Now I gotta go watch You Tubes on Tiling!

Eleanor Roosevelt: You must do the thing you think you can not.


  1. White never goes out of style so paint away. When I moved here the stove and fridge were almond and the dishwasher had a black face. the of course a week after the buyers ins. ended the stove went. I hated to buy almond but figured the fridge would last. Ya NO but I went with white since it was cheaper just replaced the dishwasher so now I have an almond stove :(P But you doing a heck of a job I wish I was talented like that. Or handy at least

  2. Catching up on your latest projects always makes me feel like a lazy bum! Seriously though, great work. All white is nice and bright for the kitchen, excited to see how the tiling goes!

  3. I admire that you don't just cover up the problem, but actually fix it. The kitchen is looking better and better all the time.

  4. Brilliant girl! I never knew about appliance paint .. We kept the old refrigerator here because it still works and I don't know if we'll find a better one and of course $$$ .. But it could def use some sprucing up. I love the idea of yellow for a kitchen. Perfect.

  5. Looking very good Sondra. We've also got a floor that needs some work and seeing this gives me the confidence to have a go at it myself.


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