Saturday, November 1, 2014

TWO down!

While my sis was here we did some DIY projects! I only have a list a mile long .....Its so great to have a good helper! She is driving back to her home in the Rocky Mountain State as I write.  Today it has been what our weather man is calling RAW and he is right!! Wind, Rain, Cold--and tomorrow we have our first frost freeze for the 2014 Fall no chores or projects are happening today!!

Remember this.. the old sewing table I got  at the recycle dump?


It was in pretty rough shape... we stripped the top layer off...and rubbed on some Tung oil..

I need to wax the inside with some Minwax paste to get a good sheen...but other than that Im very pleased with the refinish job we did....then we put my old machine inside, it had been mounted in a portable cabinet but it fit in here pretty good!

Here it is with the machine set up.

I have 2 home machines, this old one is a straight stitch machine...

Its very old I have had it since the late 1960's Im sure its way older than that ---the machine hole is a bit longer than my old machine, I will find a filler or sewing tray to cover that so my scissors and pins wont fall through..

I also have a couple of old zig-zag machines they both have the same problem...each one has 2 plastic cogs in them..and both currently wont sew due to failure of these plastic cogs! Why put plastic in these the rest of the machine is all metal? Maybe that's intended to give the machine a shelf life??  Here is the problem...see the plastic got brittle and began to fall apart.  If I order new parts I may be able to repair both machines...this is the machine I had hoped to put in the cabinet but it's not working for now I have no current sewing projects but I can do any sewing I want to with a straight stitch machine.

zig zag Singer 513 This machine was purchased in the mid 70's
the bad idea Plastic Cogs

I don't know whether to fix this machine or not---I don't know if I have the proper tools I could try...If I ever get a good day with NOTHING to do maybe--

another project we worked on was this---

Garden Benches---we have a matching pair they also are very old--


The wood has rotted! So we replaced the wood and the screws that hold it on...

we reworked both..when the wood seasons a few weeks then i will stain it... the wood I used was wider and thicker so they benches are much sturdier too.

I was happy to get both these projects done! 

Eleanor Roosevelt: You must do the thing you think you can not.


  1. I have an old machine too I think from the early 1900's it has the wooden carrying case. I never use it I'm afraid I will break it.. My daughter has a glider that was my dad's and the stinckin neighborhood kids broke some of the wooden slates off maybe we can fix it like your did with the benches.

  2. Your projects are right up my alley! Glad you got them done before the 'raw' weather paid a visit. They came out great. I find the older machines are the better machines.

  3. Yikes, "raw weather" sounds scary! As usual I am impressed with your DIY skills. I really love what you did with the benches- nice big slats always make them more comfortable too.

  4. You and your sister did a great job. And I know you had a great time working together.

  5. Those projects look great! What fun to have your sister visit. :)

  6. You are such a talented woman! Love both the projects, they turned beautiful. I don't sew but I love to sit ;)), so the bench is my favorite! Sure glad your sis was able to visit, so you could get away. And nice of here to help on these before she left.

  7. That sewing machine table reminds me of one that my mother had when I was growing up. You did a wonderful job on it!

    1. It's a very old machine but still in perfect working order, NO plastic in it!!


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