Monday, December 2, 2013

Let There Be Sweets!!

AS it turned out we went "hog wild" and baked like a couple of  mad women!!! I told you about the bunt cake....Okay I insisted I could stir up the frosting with my cast-clad right hand no we didn't duck tape the whisk to my hand but almost...and I did but it took me so long the frosting cooled before I could drizzle I slathered instead! More is better Right?

before the frosting took place!

chocolate truffle bunt cake!

One to share...

And Y'all know how I love to make food faces?  How 'bout this delightfully sweet face?

This is pumpkin cake with cranberries baked in and a couple of cup cakes too with the extra batter..
BUT we didnt stop there No NO No...we saw yet another recipe we had to master...this may look like an ordinary Pecan Pie....on the surface but under that golden brown gooey layer ... a layer of Pumpkin Pie!! So this is a Pecan Pumpkin Pie!!! And its all gone now!!

After all those sugar soaked treats I decided to eat a star fish for breakfast!!

On Black Friday I went The Goodwill Store.  I found something affordable for resale on my Ebay it for a bargain 50c...he is so cool he talks sings and moves his you recognize this guy?

All this helped to makes brighter here in Dixxeland!!  I also won a bid on a Kodak to replace my broken camera...It should arrive Thursday!! Meanwhile rehab continues and the other cast comes off in 6 days!!!

Eleanor Roosevelt: You must do the thing you think you can not.


  1. Yum! That pecan/pumpkin pie sounds great! Ron's grandson has that Elmo and loves him.

  2. Oh so much good-lookin food there! Nice slathering job.

  3. All that yummy stuff. I liked the icing on the bunt cake too. Makes my mouth water. Wish you didn't live so far away I would invite myself over for coffee and lots of treats. Then I could judge all the goodies for you.

  4. You are definitely getting better. That pie looks awesome. Elmo tickles me. Or wait, I think it's the other way round....cute anyway.

  5. Body and spirits definitely improving! Yay ... freedom is in the offing!

  6. Look at all those goodies! Wow. :) Great job on the table too! Little plants inside always makes me so happy!

  7. Your baking looks scrumptious. Gotta love that Elmo, haha


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