Sunday, November 3, 2013

Fall Back...or Free Fall?

Today we had a picnic to say farewell to Maggie she went back to her home today...sad to see her go we will miss her but she needs time to get used to her new family and home now that they have returned from Houston. 


the trees are finally starting to change...

especially the Cyprus trees...

This week we cut the grass in the field...its like cutting hay in fact that is what it is... well I say we my sis is doing my chores for me...while Jimmy waited ...and Floss had a roll around 

Annie had a play in it...

Sis put a few wheel barrow loads on my compost pile...
...checked on the 30 little Eastern Cedar trees that I planted on my back property line this spring...each one survived and are up to about 7" tall now --should double in size each yr...lets see when I'm 80 how tall will they be? I guess you need a degree to figure that one :o) 5ft tall in 4 yrs maybe?  I'm 5'6" so should hide me quite well ...The best thing about these trees is they reach a mature size and stop I should have a nice privacy screen by the time I'm 6 ft under wouldn't you say?

Walking Dead on amc tonight be there or be square!!
My matching is to come off on 11/11

Eleanor Roosevelt: You must do the thing you think you can not.


  1. The cyprus trees are really pretty. Glad you're getting one cast off soon!

  2. At least one cast is coming off. Glad you had some company to help while away the time ... and it looks like a good time. Cyprus trees have a beauty all their own!

  3. Hi Sondra....Some lovely colors going on there, especially those cypress tree's wow!!

    I love your description on the tree's,I guess the older we get we start thinking will I see this fully grown LOL!!
    Good news about one of the cast, I don't know how you are doing this!! Nice that your sister was there your going to miss her!!

    Love the dogs shots!!


  4. Ooh lots of pretty photos here! All the dogs are beautiful too. Funny I planted a few little western cedars in the spring. They look great but haven't gotten any taller. Can't complain, they were "free" in an industrial area (offshoots from mature trees). Awesome baby avocado trees! And psyched for one of your casts to come off- left or right??

    1. Jen...its the left one...if the xray looks good..if not OMG I dont even want to think ABOUT THAT...then the right should come off 4 weeks after that its more of a pia than the left one!

  5. You must be going crazy by now. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you.

  6. A great family you have Sondra.
    I love those Cyprus trees, stunning; and such beautiful dogs.

  7. Beautiful dog and autumn color looking pretty..
    Such Nice post!

  8. OH my gosh I'm so glad things are progressing as they are supposed to and thank Goddess for your wonderful sister ....I didn't quite understand who's going home (besides sweet Maggie)...I have trouble keeping my own family straight, so don't be surprised I can't remember whose dog is whose in yours ;>)

  9. Looking great there! We feel the same about our trees....everytime we walk by we give them encouraging words to grow, grow, grow. :):) So excited for you to get those casts off!

  10. OK I know I've been here and commented before (getting that straight before you start questioning my memory or lack of it ;>)).... Just checking in to say still thinking of you and hope your recovery is still on track.

  11. I have been here before too! But when I don't know or how long ago. Sheesh.
    Anyway sure sorry about your arms. Hope all heals well.
    I went way back and still have to go back even more to catch up. Your remodel is really going nicely.
    I love your pictures.


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